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Instagram for Content Marketing – 12 Tips

Instagram for Content Marketing

People usually think of Instagram as a platform for sharing photographs and videos of what they did on their vacations or at parties. However, it’s also a good place to find content ideas for your blogs and other social media accounts.

If you have an account that is devoted entirely to your business (as opposed to one in which you’re primarily yourself), then you will need to create a strategy. In this article, we’ll talk about how to do just that while creating interesting content that people will want to engage with.

Instagram is particularly popular among teenagers and young adults because they are the ones buying many products today, including cars and homes. You should therefore target these demographics if yours is targeting them as well.

If yours is a smaller business targeting a broader audience, it’s best to post unique content that people will want to engage with regularly. There are ways to use Instagram for your brand and these include:

1. Share the products you sell

This is perhaps the most common way in which businesses have used Instagram – sharing pictures of their products as well as what they look like from different angles (if this makes sense).

Let’s say you run an online clothing shop; you could share different photos of happy customers wearing clothes bought from your shop. You can also show how those clothes fit into certain scenarios such as parties or gatherings, giving them more context for viewers. In addition, show how various garments (such as different skirts) can be paired with one another to give people more options.

2. Post instructional videos, illustrations, infographics and animated graphics

Instagram is a visual platform. People are interested in engaging with images and videos over words on a page (that’s why so many businesses use blog posts to promote their Instagram accounts). So you should make an effort to regularly post these types of content on your account. You can also use it to announce new products or services coming soon. Whenever you do this, be sure to link back to your website or blog for more information when people click through on the caption box – otherwise they may search for other accounts later and take away from your engagement rate significantly! If you have a website, consider including a call to action on each Instagram post for people to click through.

3. Share pictures related to certain themes and interests

You can also take one interesting theme or interest your target audience shares in common with you and base an entire page around it! While this will definitely be more time consuming than simply posting products from your website, there are many benefits to doing so:

  1. You’ll turn your account into an online community for like-minded individuals that any of them can join at any time; two-way conversations are important when creating these kinds of accounts because they let fans get more involved
  2. By making the theme consistent through all posts you make, you’ll be easier to remember by potential clients that come across your account; Instagram is a place where people can explore beyond just their friends and family.

4. Use hashtags as often as possible

This is one of the most effective ways to get more engagement on an Instagram account because you let other accounts find yours through these – which means more followers! To see how many people have tagged images with this hashtag, click on it and search for it in the Explore section at the top of your feed. Scroll down until you see a list of posts with this hashtag attached to them and click on any images there. Clicking on any photo will let you scroll down further, listing all accounts that have liked or commented on that particular post. This is a great way to connect with new potential clients!

If you’re more interested in finding new accounts to follow, you can go to the search section at the top right of any page – it’s where Twitter users would normally put their @ sign. Type in # followed by a hashtag and click on one of these posts to find out who else is using this hashtag. You can then either like or comment on one of these images if they add something interesting to what you’re doing now – you may just get a follower out of it!

5. Show your followers behind-the-scenes content regularly

Just because Instagram only lets people see pictures doesn’t mean those should just be of finished products. Use it to share pictures and videos that show how things are made, or even snapshots from the process. This will help people get a sense of who they’re getting in touch with as well!

6. Ask for feedback on your Instagram page

Your followers want to know who you are as a business owner or creative professional – this isn’t always going to be obvious from simply looking at your posts alone. Sometimes you’ll just have follow-up questions for either one particular follower or a whole bunch of them at once; other times these should be general inquiries about what they want you to do next. However, if you take time out of your day to sit down and reply to every single comment made, you’ll show them that what they have to say is important to you. You could even let them write the captions on your pictures from time to time!

7. Ask people for feedback at live events as well

When you get the chance, always ask people in person for feedback on your Instagram account; this way they can either give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down so that it’s easier for you to gauge how well they think it’s going without having to dig through a bunch of comments each day. Even better: offer something cool like a free print if someone gives you some constructive criticism – this will motivate people to make sure they stay involved with your account and that they get their friends to follow too!

8. Pair your Instagram with a Twitter account

You can also use the instant messaging abilities of Twitter to allow people who wish to follow you on this platform to do so without having an Instagram account, and vice versa. This makes it easy for one person – whether it’s a friend or a potential client – to find your other accounts if they just want one of them from time to time; it shows them that they don’t have to rely on only one single social media site in order to stay up-to-date with what’s going on with you. You could even run contests giving away free stuff between your two accounts, or give cross discounts if a person follows both!

9. Use Instagram Direct to get feedback on individual posts

Instagram Direct allows you to send pictures directly through your personal account without posting them for anyone else to see; people take notice more when a message is being sent directly to them instead of appear in their feed, and this can be great for getting real comments or critiques that will help you grow as an artist or business. Don’t worry too much about spamming other people with these messages though – use it rarely enough that it’s still special because your users aren’t going to mind seeing one every now and again if they’re not feeling like they’re getting bombarded with them all the time!

10. Optimize your Instagram for SEO

There are a few things you can do to help make your posts easier to find through search engines. One of the first is using hashtags – this simply means typing out a bunch of related words at the end of your caption, followed by a pound sign, and then hitting enter while you’re on mobile; that way people will be able to easily search for anything related to your business without having to know the exact name of it or even follow you in order to read more about it! You could also @mention other users who have their own accounts (or businesses) – this shows up as those accounts’ names being linked with yours when they’re searching so that they can get involved if they want.

11. Get involved with Instagram pages that are related to your niche

Many large brands or groups have set up dedicated accounts for their business on Instagram; take a look at them and see if they publish content regularly, along with how often you like what’s being shared, and then give it a try yourself! You could even create some of your own images using the same tags as these other profiles do in order to grow your account by getting more people to follow you after stumbling across yours while searching for different artists or companies within the same field.

12. Put together cool packages of Freebies!

Many businesses view social media as an opportunity to offer something special without having to put out all that much money, so if you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas for your own content or marketing yourself as an artist, look at what others are doing and steal their best ideas! One great thing about social media is that you can often ask for feedback on posts before they go out; when it comes to freebies designed to get more people involved with your work, post a picture of what you would like the finished product to look like along with how many comments the person who publishes it gets in order to get another one.

You can also make things even more interesting by offering prizes in exchange for other things – such as following you on Twitter or tagging one of their friends – as long as these aren’t too complicated so that people will actually want to participate!

Last modified: August 11, 2021