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How to choose the right Content Writer

As you know, in a competitive market you will come across many different offerings for the products or services you require for your needs, and to help you step closer to your current business goals. How do you choose the right content writer for you?

There are a few variables you will need to consider and balance:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Sample copy
  • Price

When you have gathered the information, you will see a picture emerge of the copywriter in question. You will be able to see weaknesses, and strengths, side-by-side, and balanced alongside price.

This helpful formula will quickly reveal where you are getting value for money and where you are getting a lack and a mismatch to your needs.


When reviewing the content writer’s qualifications, you must think about where the expertise is. As he/she will be a writer, you are looking for English subjects, Creative Writing, and Journalism alongside, perhaps, Media, Marketing, and/or Public Relations.

As you know, a Degree in one or two subjects will be stronger than possessing just some GCSE’s. You should also look for completed writing courses and Copywriting Diplomas. It will all add up to a stronger proposition when comparing wordsmiths.


One important point to remember is that unless you have built a relationship with one content writer, no one will have experience with YOUR business. Every business is different, as are their customers/clients.

An experienced and professional content writer will be able to research your industry and provide copy that places you as an expert and/or knowledgeable business, whilst gaining your target’s confidence. The main thing to remember is that all businesses sell a product or service, no matter what area they are positioned in. The mechanics of selling, for instance, are universal. A professional copywriter will be able to effectively write to your target segments.


In essence, all you need to ask is, “Does this content writer know what they are talking about?” Search the information on their website, blog, and social media outlets. You will quickly know if they inspire confidence – or not.

Sample Copy

Any content writer worth their salt will be able to demonstrate their writing ability with a mixture of clients and fictional clients. Why is this important?

It will not only show their talent and hard work to you, but also display their creativity and ability to think outside the box. Are you able to tell the difference between them?

If so, you will also be able to see what the content writer is capable of when there isn’t a client making changes and altering text. This will inspire your trust in them and show you more of their skills.


And it all comes down to those little figures you will base the value offer on. If the writer is strong and priced well, the better your return on investment is and the more trust you can have in them.

You don’t have to jump in the deep end either. You may decide to test a couple of propositions by buying just one piece of writing from each. A small cost to test the waters before employing a copywriter on bigger projects and there will be no risk involved either.

Overall, you will need to find someone who is right for you, and right for your business. Using this method will give you the confidence to purchase copy from a reliable, and knowledgeable source.

Last modified: July 23, 2021