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Make Sure That Your Guest Post Pitch Does not Get Rejected

Guest blogging in its early days was a beautiful thing. Blog owners would love to have these great people and their great creations featured on their blog to give a pleasant surprise to their readers. That was a Win-Win situation for both the website owners and the guest bloggers.

Website owners would get a beautiful and well researched article that has never been covered before and the guest bloggers will get the credit in the form of a small bio and a link back to his website.But the world is no longer such beautiful place anymore as marketers start gunning down this aforementioned ecosystem by sending email for guest blog post writing in bulk, coming with crap writings that no one would care to read and other strange ways.

And probably this is the reason why a growing number of bloggers have now stopped accepting guest posts from bloggers who do not care for the guest blogging guidelines.

Here in this article, I am going to cover some issues that are straining the relation between the crappy guest blogger and blog owners:

1. Crap Content:

Yes, in majority of cases, it is the quality of the write-ups that makes a blog owner cringe. These guest bloggers do not care about the quality of the write-ups and they do not mind churning out the same content in the way if not using the same words in different position just to give CopyScape a miss.

These types of content is something that Panda is looking for and that being said, a blog owner will never agree to make these types of posts live because this is going to affect the visibility of his blog. Here are some more characteristics of crap guest blogging – poor sentence structure, appalling grammar etc.

2. Failure to Follow the Instruction:

It is weird that though everything is already written in the Write for Us page, these kind of guest bloggers remain impervious to the instruction. They will follow the same rule, I mean they will send the same template to the blog owners asking them where they are accepting guest post or not.

This is ridiculous. Sometimes, these people even fail to follow simple instructions like registration gravatar or updating the Bio with nice description and social profiles.

3. They are always Busy:

It seems that they do not do anything else in the world other than sending mails to website owners just after submitting the posts. Since other blog posts are already in the cue, everyone needs to exercise patience.

Yes, it is hard to wait for things but still, you should not scare the hell out of the blog owners. We need to wait for at least 10 days before sending them a mail asking the blog owners politely whether the content contains any error or not.

4. They Do Not Response to Comments:

This is one of the few things that have really soured the relationship between blog owners and crappy guest bloggers. Guest bloggers like these care only for links and nothing else in the world. That being said, you simply cannot expect them wasting their time to respond to comments just to get no follow links. They will submit the post and once you make the post live, they are blissfully happy.

5. They Do not care about editing and formatting

Since they are over burdened with the responsibility of getting a certain number of links from quality sites, they do not get the time to mull over the trivialities like formatting, proof reading etc. And this is what irritates a blog owner.

Last modified: July 23, 2021