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Guest posting Why And How To Do It The Right Way

If you have been involved in internet marketing, you have probably heard about guest posting at least once or twice. Even if you haven’t, you’re in luck right now, as this will be a complete guide to guests posting. For those who don’t know already: Guest posting is writing a blog post for somebody else to put on their blog. If used correctly this can be one of the deadliest weapons for a marketer, especially if you are just starting out and your website don’t have many visitors yet.

Why guest posting?

I know that blogging is a great way to make money online, as you can post something new whenever you want, have visitors coming in from all over the internet and convert these people to leads and sales. On the downside however, it’s pretty hard to build it up from scratch, which is where guest posting kicks in.

You need to get traffic to your blog or website (I’m going to assume you have one), which can be difficult at first. But this has already been done by other blog owners, who now have a decent amount of traffic. Guest blogging allows you to step in front of that audience and share your knowledge. In return for this you get the chance to blow people away with your knowledge and get them to click the link and check out your own site.

What I like so much about this, is that the audience is already there and they are interested in the topic your site is about. Remember that stepping in front of an existing audience is always better than to create an audience from scratch.

How to find guest posting opportunities?

In order to get people to invite you to blog for them, you will need to reach out to them, or have them reach out to you. You can either just contact some of the blog owners that you would like to write for and ask them if they would allow it. I mean, the worst that could happen is getting a negative reply.

Another way of getting yourself some work is to have a “write for us” page on your blog. This will let potential guest posters know they you are open to having others write for your website.

How to do a guest post, the right way!

Before I talk about how to do this the right way, I’ll give you some example of how to not do it. A while back while browsing through one of my forums I found a post about some guy offering posts that he had on his blog to other blog owners, wondering why they didn’t accept them. The problem here is that most blogger want their content to be unique (not all of them care about it though) and not something that is already out there. Guest blogging is NOT content syndication, it’s about writing awesome content for somebody else instead of writing for your own blog.

Understand the Value of the Concept

If you want to get more jobs for your writing you need to understand value. You will need to offer more than (at least some of) your competition, just like in your business. What is it that you can do that makes your work better than others’? For example, I offer to create a video to go along with my articles. Just one of my golden nuggets: Starting using videos, just get over your fear and in front of a camera. You will automatically build trust with your audience and show you are a real person making it so much easier to build relationships and sell your products or services.

Write Killer Content

Last step of the process is to write killer content, not just OK’ish content. Do that and you will ruin a lot of your potential, for two reasons. First reason: There is so much average content out there and you need to stand out from the rest. People will only take a look at your website if they think you are somebody who can help solve their problems, which is the core of marketing!

Build Trust

Off topic really quick: If you are running a business and all you do is slam people with your product, service or opportunity, you’re on the wrong track! Offer them value instead and help them solve their problems instead. Give away some of your training for free and make sure it actually helps people, build up some trust. Whenever possible and appropriate sell your product or service as the solution to their problem, not as the product itself!

The second reason why you should make content that rocks is to get repeat writing offers. I have delivered two articles so far and the blog owners and they simply loved it! Both of them have asked me if I could write for them on a regular basis, that’s a great way to really improve your influence.


Anyway, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two. Also if you have a blog related to internet marketing and you are getting some decent traffic, I’m available as a guest author.

Last modified: July 23, 2021