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Google Update and the Future of SEO

I cannot help but noticing the nervous expression of people who happen to be in the online marketing whenever a new update from Google starts doing the round and if it is about some algo overhaul, I could feel the trepidations and fast heart beatings of my fellow colleagues. But this should not be. Rather being online marketing professionals, we should be happily embracing the upcoming changes. However, this time around, things are completely different and if the grapevines are to be believed, Google is trying to bring some novels changes in its algo that will make the concept of SEO somewhat irrelevant.

What Google Has In Its Sleeve?

Ok, lets cut big short. In a nut shell, Google is trying to come up with a penalty that will affect those sites which are supposed to go too far with their optimization techniques. Before, you press the panic button; let me explain things for you. Though Matt Cutts as usual did not spill the beans about what he meant by the term – “over optimization”, there are certain standard optimization techniques that you should not over rule when it comes to optimizing a website. Stuffing keywords is a big NO No and you should make the Title and Meta description as simple and straight forward as possible. And please do not make the content of your website too much keywords centric since articles are meant for users and not for search engines. Do not be obsessed with keywords and search engines, it will do more harm than good.

Link Building A Thing of Past

I am not sure why Google has all of a sudden started treating link building as spam. Just take a look around Google Webmaster Forum and you will see Bionic members are cursing site owners for taking part in shoddy link building activities and thus justifying the decision for putting a temporary ban on their websites. If you are to abide by Google’s policy, you have to produce great content that people would voluntarily link back to. But that happens only once in blue moon.

The Five Pointers:

A Recent blogpost in Google Webmaster Central covers up 5 common problems that can cause heartbreak for website owners.

1. No Value Proposition

In plain and simple English, your website needs to have an ‘in’ in it and should have an WOW factor in it otherwise, Google as well as users might not find it a good fit to be featured in the first page of the SERP.

2. SEO is Not A Part of a Business Process

You should not treat SEO as a part which will doing the one and only Link building job for years. Nope, this is not going to do any good. SEO team needs to work in tandem with other aspects of a company like its offline promotional team, development team etc.

3. Be Smart

Yes, there is no point in working for hours. For example, you should not create sitemap manually, rather try some automated process. And there is no point of writing keywords optimized meta tags for each single page, rather than you should create meta data rule for that and focus on creating long lasting impression so that visitors would not mind spending few seconds more on your website.

4. Do not try Tricks

Tricks cannot bring permanent solution to any problem and the same is true with online marketing. People are much into the habit of running after latest trend to get visitors from search engines but this is bad. Rather focus on fundamental aspects that will add more value to your website.

5. Fast Adoption

It may appear tough, but you should be receptive all changes happening around you. Like you should not miss out on Google Authorship markup, Microformat and all that. Keep experimenting with your website and you will have better outcome at the end.

What you should Do Then?

  • Well simple, try the below pointers and let us know if you see anything different from your earlier stance:
  • Do something different – means do not follow others blindly. Have some unique traits and you will have a better and beautiful world to live.
  • Use keywords but do not go insane or make the body copy look absurd.
  • Have great social presence. An unimpressive social presence is not something to boast of.
  • Keep the content kicking and thriving.
  • Always update content of your content and never fear experimenting.

Last modified: July 23, 2021