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Ask yourself this? Do you really know about PPC; how it works and how it can help you?

To be honest, just increasing the big amount in Google Ads or any other paid marketing channel is not going to help your ads appear at the top spot. Nope there are several other factors into play and if you are not careful enough with these other metrics, you will end up paying a hell lot more than what you were supposed to be at the first place. Don't let this stop your business to reach out to your targeted audience. Contact 3Leaps Now!

Measurable Solution

PPC gives you the advantage of appearing in the top spots in Google search results, even higher than organic search results. This will inevitably drive traffic to your site. PPC should be combined with effective SEO for the best outcomes possible – If you’re listed on the top spot for PPC results, AND the top spot for organic results, YOUR website is the one which people are going to click on…It really is as simple as that.

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Optimize Adverts

We will select the best target key words for your products and services and optimise adverts to increase your return on investment.

Round the Clock Monitoring

We will monitor your clicks to deliver the best click through ratio and we will also actively monitor adverts to ensure best performance.

Higher Ad Rank

We will setup & manage your PPC campaigns. Also we will monitor competitors campaigns to ensure lower CPC and higher ad position.

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Google Adwords Management
PPC is also known as a sponsored ad and can be found at the very top of Google in a yellow box, or down the right hand column. The reason behind why businesses opt for PPC is because it allows your ads to potentially be placed at the very top 3 positions on Google. This is where companies get the most traffic as many people don’t realise that these are ads and they are they first thing that they see once they have searched.
Why Choose 3Leaps' Google Ads Management Service

As we are a sales focused marketing communications agency, we understand that this isn’t easy- and without the know how, support and guidance it can be even harder.

We will ensure that everything is done for you so that you don’t have to worry about what to do and what not to do.

Benefits of PPC Campaign

  • Create instant traffic and can generate income and leads to your business.
  • You will have complete control over the PPC campaign- this means that it can be switched on and off whenever you like.
  • You can control where you direct your customers to a particular landing page on your site.
  • We will send statistical reports on performance on regular basis. Our PPC experts will come up with suggestions as to how to make landing pages perform better.