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How to write an extraordinary blog post?

Blogging has been witnessing a dramatic metamorphosis. Earlier, it was restricted mainly to passion. Now, it is catching attention of people not just due to offering them an expressive platform, but also due to offering them an opportunity to gain popularity & earn money. A blog possess various valuable elements that include Design, SEO, Social Media, etc. A blog must possess attractive design but content is the hallmark for attaining your goal. So, it is good content that apparently takes the lead. SEO is such a technique that undoubtedly helps in enhancing the visibility of your blog.

So, it also demands a great attention. Social Media plays a crucial role in increasing the traffic in a tremendous manner. So, you can’t afford to ignore its importance. As far as monetizing is concerned, it entirely depends on the overall quality of your blog that includes various elements. In the wake of growing popularity of blogging, bloggers are compelled to contemplate about diverse ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd of blogs. If you too own a blog or desire to give blogging, a whirl, here are following valuable tips for you to write exceptional blogs:

Offer Eye-Catchy and Trendy Topic

If you choose to write on a trendy topic, your task will become although more easier. However, if you want to create exceptional blog, you need to go a step further through offering relevant suggestion, helpful tips, relevant links & solutions in regard with that specific trending topic. This is how; you can become successful in grabbing the attention of readers.

Create Outstanding Headlines

Headline is such element that creates the first impression of your topic and remembers, first impression is the last impression. Majority of readers decide to read the topic further only if headline has aroused a great deal of curiosity and interest in them. So, before you strive to pull out all the stops to create an engaging content, you need to come up with an extremely fascinating headline.

Offer Scannable Post

If you have created engaging content, tempting headline, what more you can do in order to ensure that readers make up their mind to read your topic thoroughly. The answer is simple; just offer them a scannable post. If you do so, a reader will be able to read your post in a convenient manner. At times, many readers love to read well-created & good read topic but dearth of time deter them to do so. Moreover, a cluttered topic instantly discourages readers to go ahead with the reading. Through offering scannable post, you offer them a great solution to read the post thoroughly. Do you want to know how to make post scannable in an effortless way? Well, simply use precise headlines for different sections of your post, use appealing images, relevant and attractive graphics, interesting quotes, etc. In addition to that, don’t forget to make the best use of bold and italics, wherever you want to highlight something.

Choose To Write In A Precise, Simple & Appealing Style

If you think that one of the most-sought after ways to capture the attention of readers & engage them is through choosing intricate words, you are mistaken. Even the people, who have a great command over language, prefer to read well-formulated content featuring non-complicated words & sentences. Your art of writing doesn’t depend on fascinating vocabulary, but it depends on weaving a well-thought content through integrating different elements of writing in a balanced manner. When you keep your writing simple, it takes care of fluency in a natural manner. Unnecessary words used for developing a sophisticated appeal may do more harm than good. It may have a negative impact on the flow of writing.

Making People Fall In Love With It

Just great information might not get the trick done, and can often be like a plum pudding where the plums are missing. Don’t get me wrong, it can still be a delight (and I love pudding from time to time), but still people get the feeling that there is something missing.

I think of creating my content as if I had a recipe for a cake, pudding, or whatever you like to cook. The difference between the two is that I can actually cook a good blog post, whereas I cannot cook pretty much anything else. Quick tip: Don’t ever let me cook for you if you value your stomach!

The Key ingredients for awesome content

To create a mouthwatering plate of content for your readers, listeners or watchers, you will need to have the ingredients to actually create the darn thing! Most people pick up some of these ingredients, but leave out some of the others, which could potentially ruin the dish.

You ready to snag these ingredients for yourself?

Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular sites in the world, as they represent the pieces that together make awesome content that people love to read:

  • Google: The one stop shops for information. Looking for anything? This guy will help you find it.
  • Facebook: This is just like the ancient Egyptian culture: People writing on walls and worshiping cats lol. All kidding aside, it’s obviously a place to socialize and to just chill at.
  • YouTube: The place where a lot of the cat videos shared on Facebook are hosted. Along with probably billions of other videos people like to watch for entertainment.

These sites represent the 3 main reasons for people to visit a website. As a result, these have become giants! Pull out your magnifying glass, as we’ll now take a closer look at each of these.

Information, the first cornerstone of content creation

Teaching people something within your content and providing your readers with the information they’re looking for is one of the most important things you can and should do. After all, that is (in most cases) the reason they came to your site in the first place.

The might be some exceptions for this rule though, which is content whose sole/primary task is to just entertain people. Like crazy cat videos, or even better: dog videos as I’m more of a dog person. Just curious, are you more of a cat or a dog person, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Anyway, back on topic…

Information is a lot of times still the core thing people come looking for in the content you create, would be kind of stupid to not give it to them, right? They’d walk right out of the virtual door onto the streets, likely never to be seen again.

Entertainment, the icing on the cake

Along with delivering the value and the information that your target audience so deeply desires, you want to provide entertainment in some way or form. If you’ve come this far, you obviously can read English… and you probably had a laugh or chuckle or two along the way as well.

For some more ideas on entertainment, check out the video version of this blog post below. I can tell you there will be a surprise, jokes, great information and some more cool stuff in there:

Do you notice how the video incorporates all three factors of good content creation?

Social, the final piece of the puzzle

Let me first state that social, even when talking about a blog does not mean having some social share buttons on your page. Yes, it’s a good thing to have as it makes it easy for people to share the blog post they’re reading, which by the way you are free to do at any time.

But that’s not the way you should take the word social in this context.

What I mean by social is to write your content with a personal touch. To really interact with you as my reader, that’s what social interaction is about, not some flashy buttons.

What’s more, be personal

Be yourself, it’s perfectly fine! Don’t be too chicken to show who you are, people will relate and be attracted to you. Share a couple of stories, make a little joke here and there (where applicable). This will create the social connection between you and your reader.

You’ve not got all the pieces of the puzzle, it just needs to be assembled. This is the point where you need to get your hands dirty and get to work. I have faith in you and I know you can do this!

Speaking about social: If you got some gold nuggets (or bars) from this blog post, I’d greatly appreciate a share on social media and a comment below!

Last modified: July 23, 2021