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12 Proven Rules to Create Great Content

If your content does not capture your reader’s attention, nothing else matters. So how do you create content that grabs your reader each time? It is tough and you are aware of this. Creating compelling content is not easy otherwise the web would have been a great place. You need to invest considerable amount of time and money to create high quality content. However, if you have no idea how to start the process, you need to check out the following tips –

1. Focus Only On Your Target Audience

Your business may cater to multiple market segments but you cannot write to satisfy them all. People of different age groups and interests won’t be satisfied with generic content. So focus on a single group, and design your content based on their unique characteristics and interests.

2. Focus On How Your Product Resolves Customer Pain Points

Maybe your audience is not interested in reading about your industry or industry developments. However, all customers are interested in reading how your product or service is going to help them resolve their pain points. Write on what your audience cares about, and even the most reluctant audience will read what you put out.

3. Mix Up Content Formats

Don’t restrain yourself to text-only posts. There are so many formats you can try – audio and video podcasts, infographics, slides, image posts, eBooks, cartoons with blurbs and so on. You can use some of these formats to reuse your archived content as well, and get more mileage out of your content marketing.

4. Focus On Providing Value For Your Reader

Any customer’s first question when confronted with a piece of writing or a product is, “what’s in this for me?”. Rightly so – after all, why should anyone waste time on content that has nothing for them in it? Give them a reason to read your content – tackle their issues, concerns and needs. Ask your readers what they’d like to read as well.

5. Use Your Headline To Deliver The Value Of Your Post

Your headline should reflect the key point of your content. About 80% of readers read the headline, and skip the rest of the content if the headline doesn’t grab them. So make your headline as specific as possible – avoid using clichés, fancy metaphors and so on. Basically, the reader should be able to identify the content after reading your headline.

6. Write In A Straightforward And Yet Catchy Manner

Your writing must be straightforward, if you want to impress your readers with your sincerity. At the same time, don’t fall into the ‘straightforward but oh-so-boring’ writing trap. It’s easy to come across as a drone when you’re lecturing. Throw in some quick humor, some personality, and some catchy bits to entice the reader and keep him or her hooked.

7. Be True To Your Brand’s Voice

Your headlines, content and blog design should be in tune with your brand’s voice. For example, if your brand is the personification of fun and funky, keep your content voice cool and hip. If your brand is professional, keep your tone professional but interesting. If your brand is all about warmth and house-wifely sincerity, go ahead and show some tender love and care for your readers. Identify your verbal style based on your brand’s message, and stick to it.

8. Speak Your Customer’s Language

Understand your customer well enough to speak his or her language. Don’t bore them with how better your product is when compared to your competitor’s. All your customer wants is what it does for him! Other people can offer the same features, but your product’s unique solutions and benefits are yours alone, so highlight them and sell them. That’s what your customer wants, anyways!

Don’t fall back on to the same old much-used adjectives in your headline and content. When it comes to your headline, analyze each word and try to find synonyms and more powerful-sounding words to grab attention. Do the same with your content as well, but be sure not to use very difficult words that might require a dictionary to interpret.

10. Write In The Active Voice

Keep your sentences short and crisp and write in the active voice. No one wants to read content that is wordy, too long, passive and vague. Use the active voice to motivate your audience into thinking along the lines of your content. Eliminate unnecessary words, tighten up your content and make it more succinct.

11. Answer Questions Posed By Your Target Audience

Look up questions posted by your target audience in famous Q&A portals. Check out Yahoo Answers, Quora, Ask.com and others. Compile these questions, and write posts providing answers and solutions from your industry. Then answer the original question on the Q & A portal with a link to your answer post.

12. Initiate Discussions

Motivate your audience into reacting to your statements. Take a controversial angle, or throw open a discussion or debate to get them buzzing. Write your content in such a way that they are motivated to comment and start discussing the pros and cons immediately.

What you can do

There are so many ways to interest people. Pick one of the twelve rules and write a blog post – now!

Last modified: July 22, 2021