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Content Writing tips for Hotel Industry

If you are into the hotel industry, you are already well aware of the fact that it is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There are hundreds and thousands of hotels websites out there competing for the coveted top position whenever a user makes a search with a keyword that relates to their business. And you simply can’t rank high by making your website SEO friendly or by adding well-researched content.

Of course, we understand the value of well researched and well-written content but to be able to rank high and to retain that rank for a long time, you need to keep publishing high quality and interesting content that people really like to read apart from building tons of links.

Here we are going to try to give you some tips that you should try while writing content for your hotel website so that it manages to rank high in competitive search terms –

Know Your Audience

The biggest mistake of your life that you can make is – writing for the search engine bots rather than for the audience. You need to understand what your targeted audience wants to read rather than publishing meaningless articles that solely focused on keywords. Use tools to figure out what kind of people are visiting your website, which country is sending the most visitors, what is the average age of the visitors etc. All these stats will help you figure out what kind of articles you need to write for your hotel website. For example, if your website is selling products that mainly target newlywed couples, you might need to publish some articles tailored to their needs.

Focus Keywords

Writing content for web pages and writing content for articles are totally two different things. Articles need to be informative, engaging and interesting whereas the web pages have to be search engine friendly. So, you need to learn how to insert keywords in the body copy of the web pages without interrupting the flow of the content. Don’t even think of targeting multiple keywords because in that case you would have to forcefully add keywords and that will impact the quality of the content. Target a single keyword for a web page or two keywords at max and then add Call to Action whenever possible to influence the behavior of the visitors.

Write on Local Attractions

Local is the new global. People are no longer interested in known things because they can gather tons of information about popular places. So rather than writing a lengthy article on how great Paris is, you need to focus on small things like – an unknown festival or you might post something about an unknown restaurant that serves amazing food but only known to local people. Things like these are of immense interest to people.

Video Content

You just don’t have to write content and post them regularly on your website. We feel you need to think a bit outside the box. Don’t focus too much on texts just for the sake of pleasing the search engine. There are hundreds of ways you can keep your visitors glued to your website. Create a stunning video so that people can explore the natural beauties that surround your hotel. Or you can go live on Facebook or Youtube and allow people to take a sneak peek at the cultural side of the place where your hotel is located. These are small things but they can make big impacts.

Upload the video on your website and then share the video with a different title and description on other video sharing website.


How can you even think of winning the hearts of your targeted audience without posting some amazing images of the place where your hotel is located? It is simply an impossible task. You don’t even have to hire a professional to get this done. Buy a decent cam and try taking some snaps and it will eventually grow on you.

Last modified: July 22, 2021