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Measuring The ROI of Content Writing

Are you even aware of the fact that an average buyer reads as many as 10 articles before making a buying decision? Most probably, you are not and don’t make a poker face for that because majority of marketers are also not aware of this fact. So, that means, if you are a conversion optimization specialist, you have already got a clear hint that you need to mass produce content in order to convert more people. But hold your horses for a second. When you are doing something out of fear or doing it just for the sake of doing it, the quality will most certainly get degraded and this is certainly not good news for the overall health of your website.

Most marketers are hiring content writers and asking them to write on a wide range on different topics in the hope that their website will somehow gain better visibility online. Fear of missing out is what driving most digital marketers to ask their writers to produce more content on a regular basis regardless of the quality of the content.

But there is a catch. Low quality content does not help either in converting customers neither do they prove helpful when it comes to make search engine believe that the website is of high authority. They do more harm than help.

Get Engaged

A static website has no place in the dynamic world of web where millions are pages are added on a regular basis and therefore, as a digital marketer you need to find a way to create compelling content even for the most boring industry. It does not have to be articles all the time. You can even post tutorials or whitepapers just to show the world that you care for your targeted audience.

But just don’t start writing on any topic that crosses you mind. You should not forget the fact that you are not writing content for the search engines rather you are writing content for your targeted audience and therefore, you need to identify what type of content the readers like. Check all the engagement metrics like – average time spent on page, bounce rate, number of comments on a page, number of social shares etc to figure out what type of content resonates well with your targeted audience.

Now, if the posts of your website are getting shared widely on social media sites, you might not have to spend hundreds of dollars on paid social media campaigns to promote your brand. So by publishing high quality and unique content, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars that can be channelized into other marketing activities.

Lead Generation

There is no denying of the fact that content writing does not directly impact your business profit margin. It never contributes directly to lead generation. An informative blog post never encourages a visitor to purchase a product from an ecommerce store. But it does other things like – it makes an impression on the visitors and they begin to treat your brand with respect. This is a huge gain for a website. Gaining authority on the web is tough to say the least.

There is another side of the story. By producing high quality and authoritative content, you can encourage your readers to get subscribed to your blog. Once people get subscribed to your blog, you get their email address. Once you have their email address, all you have to do is to pass all the details to your marketing department and they will take care of the rest.

Your marketing team will then start sending out emails to these people and they will let you know how many people are getting converted at the end. This will give you a clear picture of how many people are actually getting converted.

Include Call to Action

It is not a great idea to ask people to buy products right from the blog content. Some people consider this approach as promotion and it is a fact that people hate promotional content and which is why we need to be careful while adding products / service details right in the middle of the content. Try not to be too pushy because that might make people feel disgusted and they may stop following your website.

So, try and test this approach with some content of your website and then see the reactions of your audience. Based on the reaction, you can go ahead with your plan.

Last modified: July 22, 2021