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Content Writing After Hummingbird Update

Writing content that Google will love has become a lot harder because of the slew of updates it has made in the last few years. So, those tiny little and dark secrets of writing that previously had helped you attain better visibility in Google and in other search engines do not work any more.

Yeah I am talking about the creepy tactic of using the same keyword again and again in the copy. However, it is a fact that in those days, it did work. Since the algo of Google was not that sophisticated that time writers were forced to write junk content that nobody ever dare to read. But thankfully, those days are over.

Search Engines, more particularly Google has lost its love for those keywords stuffed content that convey little or no meaning. Google has moved from keywords to something more measurable and authoritative like ‘Authorship’, ‘Average time on page’, ‘Social Share’ and more. These metrics, though they are not anything new, are now helping Google figuring out which content is going to serve the visitors the most.

So, now we have a brave new world of content writing to explore and exploit –

Hummingbird and the Current State of Content Writing

Google’s Hummingbird update has changed the landscape for content marketing. With Hummingbird update, Google is no longer going to judge an article based on the number of times a particular keyword is being used or based on the number of links pointing towards that article.

Rather Google is now good at understanding what the content is all about. Yup just like a human being, it now can understand who is the president of USAwhat is the age of US President and of course, it also knows who is the wife of US president. Sounds scary?

Of course, it is not anything scary. The fact of the matter is that now Google knows who you are and what the content is trying to convey and therefore, if you wish to make your content loved by google, you should not be trying to fool it by making excessive use of keywords or by coming up with rehashed content that it has already indexed probably millions of time.

The holy grail of content writing is good writing. Writing great content is definitely not rocket science but it is about providing the right information the right way so that people and search engines both find them interesting.

Why Hummingbird is the Best Friend of Content Writers

The best thing about Hummingbird update is that it breaks the jinx. Okay, put this thing in this way – it breaks the vicious circle of writing keywords stuff content to get the bigger pie of higher ranking.

It is forcing the marketing companies to invest heavily on producing high quality content on regular basis. Moreover, some experts are of the opinion that Google is trying to gather more information about the content by relating it to its author if the authorship is implemented.

Google Authorship is certainly another attempt by Google to figure out the quality and relevancy of the content by relating it with its author.

Here are some cool tips to make your content loved and appreciated by Google –

Use Keywords

Of course, you need to use keywords in the write-up but use it logically. No need to force the keyword in the content because this is not going to help the write-up.

Make the Title Social Worthy

Yup, the title has to be unique and informative. Make the title straightforward so that people can understand the theme easily and share it with their friends on social circles.

Last modified: July 22, 2021