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Content Structure of Web Page

Everybody knows that writing engaging content is the gateway to SEO success. We, marketers, simply can’t think of making any SEO progress without having powerful content present on the website. But for most website owners resist the idea of shelling out top dollars for high quality content. If you ask why they are averse to the idea, they will tell you on your face that they don’t see any value coming out of content driven marketing. They tend to believe that spending time and money to produce high quality articles for their brand is not going to help their brand in one way or the other.

To be really honestly, they are not entirely wrong. It is a fact that producing high quality content along can’t take you long. Just look at your competitors and you will be amazed to see how often they are publishing engaging content just to stay connected with their targeted audience. Since people are getting bombarded with constant flow of content, it is getting tougher for most marketers to stand out from the crowd just by publishing the same old content in a new format.

So, you need to figure out a way to make your content stand out from the rest of the others. It is a tough nut to crack but it is not entirely impossible feat. Check out the following examples to get an idea how to make your content appear more engaging and interesting –

Know Your Audience

You can’t enforce your idea on your readers rather you need to encourage them or nudge them a little and this can be done easily by writing content that will inspire them or make them think about it for a while.

Put on your thinking hat and then try to figure out what you targeted audience is looking for. In majority of cases, people look for some kind of personal touch in the content they are reading. For example, if you are selling male grooming products, you need to tell a story of a person who was having some difficulty choosing the best grooming product as it will resonate well with the target audience.

Your content should be able to answer the queries of the readers. You need to understand their psychology before you even start to write content for your website. Browse some question answers websites like – Quora or Yahoo Answer to understand what people are searching for.

Write Amazing Headlines

People don’t read content on the web, they scan the web instead. Even most of us read the titles of articles and we only read the content if we find the title of the article informative and engaging. So, we can clearly come to the conclusion that we need to make the Title as unique and interesting as possible to grab maximum attention.

Don’t follow the same style all the time. Don’t focus too much on – ‘How to’ content because everybody else is doing exactly just the same. You definitely don’t want your website to become another ‘failed’ experiment right?

So, ask your content writers to brainstorm and come up with catchy and informative posts all the time as this will help them.

Give Your Content Some Personality

Your readers like to get entertained and this is the reason why people are spending their hard earned money to watch live comedy shows these days. The same principle applies to content writing. The content of the website has to be crispy and carefully crafted. Sometimes, boring topics can be written in a funny and sarcastic way to capture the attention of the targeted audience. For example if you are to write on roofing repair service, you should try to write something funny about it. Like how you tried to do it yourself but you failed miserably at the end.

You can try casual tone if that suits your business model. No need to write in a strict formal tone because that make people get bored.

Use Images

Now, please don’t tell me that you were not using images in the articles that were getting posted on the blog section of your website. Some people ignore the importance of adding images, interactive elements etc while writing content. You content will never be able to win the love and admiration of the readers if you are adding funny gifs or an engaging video along with your articles or web pages.

Besides that, you need to focus on some other factors like simplicity of the design and the typography if you want to make your web page appear more engaging and irresistible.

Last modified: July 22, 2021