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Content marketing is about so much more than just conversions; it’s about getting your brand out to a wider audience, educating and nurturing those prospects through their buying journey and positioning your company as the obvious supplier of choice when the time comes for them to buy.
Content Marketing

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3Leaps is offering low cost content marketing service.​

Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

When you come on-board with us, you don’t just get content, you get a whole content team dedicated to your company. We essentially become an extension of your marketing team, fully aligning our content activity with your marketing calendar.


We will become a part of your marketing team. We understand that your want your content to be seen by your targeted audience and which is why we employ creative marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your content. This is done by making changes in the code, making the web pages more SEO friendly and by including SEO best practices in the content without making any major changes in the content. The idea is to make the content appear more relevant to a particular search query.

Content Marketing & Promotion

Content Marketing Strategy
In this stage, we try to do extensive research about your targeted audience so that our writers can write compelling content that can appeal to them. We set up a goal first and then we start writing the content.


Focused Content
Based on the goal set by our clients, our content writers then start working on different projects like – writing content for marketing collateral or publishing press release.


Content Distribution
Once the content is ready, we start approaching different bloggers and website owners to get the article posted on their website. This will help build brand image.


Measuring Outcome
We use different measuring tools to track the outcome of the different content marketing tactics and then make changes in those tactics to get the desired result.

Content Marketing on Steroid

Content is the bread and butter of our digital promotional campaign. With our content writing and digital promotional service, you will be able to strengthen your website online and drive more trageted traffic to your website. 3Leaps is an India based copywriting and digital marketing service provider. We are trying to help your brand gets better visibility online by adding more SEO friendly content.


ROI Focused Strategy

Plan your content marketing strategy with us. 3Leaps is committed to help its customers to enhance their online presence with powerful content. Your content marketing strategy plays a vital role in the success of your content marketing and will ensure that you are connecting with your prospects and customers as effectively as possible.


Our specialist consultants are experts at creating and driving a successful content marketing strategy which will help you nurture and influence your prospects at each stage of the buying cycle. We will ensure that each piece of content you create adds value to your content portfolio and works towards your overall objectives.

Why Opt for Our Content Marketing Service

We will define your measurable objectives and will discusss in details about it before starting off the content marketing campaign. We will ensure that your content is delivered in the way your customers want it and it will be delivered via the right channels.


We will identify what information your customers need as opposed to what you want to offer. We will allow you to track the success of your content marketing activities so that you can have better idea of how effective our content marketing service is.


Draw up an editorial calendar and we will also provide regular feedback on progress so that you can keep a track on thing.