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Content Marketing Assets That You Have Forgotten

Producing high quality and engaging content on a daily basis is one of the dreaded tasks that most content marketers abhor. The difficulty level becomes extreme when you are into a niche that has little to offer when it comes to offering ingredients for producing a compelling write-up. This is the kind of situation that can drive a marketer crazy and sometimes, it may compel them to settle with boring, uninspiring and filler content.

But producing high quality, relevant and informative content on a regular content is not that difficult as it appears. No matter what the niche is, there are certain assets that you can always find if you try a little harder. In fact, most businesses are sitting right on the treasure-trove of relevant content, but the problem is that they never realize it and this is exactly where frustration creeps in.

Sexy Stats

Statistics are sexy little thing that can work as a vital ingredient in your content marketing cauldron. You have got Google Analytics and host of other statistics to get a fair idea of the engagement level of your customers on your website. These statistics when supplied to a content marketer can be transformed into a well researched and interesting write-up that people will share voluntarily.

However, if the existing stats are not that interesting, you can always opt for some alternative routes. You can create a survey and incorporate some really interesting questions and the present them to your targeted customers. Based on the result of that survey, you can come up with some really insightful write-up.


I hope you have some loyal customers who would not mind saying a few good things about your company on camera. So, get people send you their stories in video format and then post them on your website. This will have twin benefits. First you will have a 2nd line of resource to keep your blog thriving with fresh and unique content and secondly, it will be treated as a value proposition of your company. So, please do not miss out on that.

Case Studies

Hopefully, you have successfully served a number of customers and that means, there is a good chance that you have lots of things to tell how you have helped people in meeting their requirements. If you have got some time, you can post that experience in a short story format and with a few images to prep up the look and feel of the post.

Talk to Your Employees

Yup, it might sound absurd but the fact is that while engaged in a simple chit chat, you will come to know some aspects of your business that you might not aware of. Probably, some of your employees have some sunny incidents to share and these incidents can always be presented in the format of an engaging and interesting post.

Last modified: July 22, 2021