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5 Tips For Better Content Curation

Curating content for your blog or website is a great way to bring traffic, however it has to be properly, what do I mean by that? Your page has to look professional, it can’t look spammy or over complicated. I have compiled 5 tips to being a good content curator, if you follow them I’m sure your blog will look and function better.


Before buying anything at a shop or online you would always do a certain amount of research, in the case of a purchase it will stop you wasting your money. It is no different when writing a novel, an article or even when curating content, the difference is that you might not be wasting money but you are certainly wasting your time. Poorly researched articles are in general drab and uninspiring and will encourage the reader to leave the page at the first given opportunity, which would more than likely be at the first curated article link. One of my favorite tools for clipping and collating research items is Evernote.

If you want to engage your visitor you need to find specific and relevant content, whether it is text or images or it could be video or audio once you have clipped and collated the material it is imperative you read it and make notes so you can move on to the planning stage.


I find that planning what I am going to put on my page in advance is a great help when I’m blogging, a good content curator can project their own style and eventually will become recognizable by the way they write. I try to follow the same set of rules when planning my blog page. I use my own introduction where I try to set the scene for my given subject I will write a couple of paragraphs and try to include quotes or mention other authoritative bloggers or experts in that field.


Following my introduction I will then start to introduce other relevant content, I will have a pool in my Evernote folder of content from my research which I can add to the page. I also make use of a couple of great content curation tools here, my favorite is Curationsoft I love the simplicity of this tool as it allows me to simply drag and drop content from a host of different places, the other is Zemanta a free wordpress plugin which scans your page as you type and suggests images and content for you to use.


Being a good content curator comes with some very distinct rules, first and foremost is being gracious to your peers, if someone has put the work in to create original content it is essential that if you use it that you must give the author credit for doing so. Simply by placing a link to the original article and a mention of the author will suffice. Images are more than often covered by copyright, it is highly recommended you check any copyright before using them, bloggers might not mind as long as credit is attributed to their blog, and however large media companies such as Getty Images would certainly defend the copyright.


Without an engaging community, content curation will be no more than taking someone else’s content and placing it on your blog page. It all comes down to giving the reader quality content which is relevant to their search, if you can give your own take on the subject and then inject the curated snippets and content into your own thread then you are getting the reader to engage with you on your own ideas, not those of others.

In conclusion I have talked about my top 5 tips for being a good content curator, I have shown you how I approach content curation. There are many people using a form of content curation, some on blogs and websites, some on news sites and periodicals, however they all have one common goal, to engage their reader and keep them on the page. By taking a little extra time to plan your page and selecting the right commentary your page will rank higher and you will increase your readership.

Last modified: July 22, 2021