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How to Choose A Digital Marketing Company

For many modern business owners the world of digital marketing can seem pretty daunting. There are lots of agencies and freelancers to choose from , all promising to revolutionize your business. That’s why it’s good to have some guidance on what to look out for when choosing a digital marketer to help you achieve your online goals. So let’s take a look at some traits to look out for to allow you tell the difference between the experts and the chancers.

1. Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

Before you start your search for a digital marketing service you must first understand what it is your business needs. This may mean that you have to do a little research and reading up on the areas of online marketing that you don’t understand or have a good knowledge of but it will protect you from being sold something that you don’t need.

You may identify that you need a new website as your existing one has become dated and that will probably mean that you need SEO for it to be found by the right people but having enough knowledge of extras such as social media, email campaigns and PPC services will help to decide what you need, what you don’t and how to apply your budget.

2. Do They Have Examples?

If it is a new website you are after then you should only consider agencies or freelancers with portfolios. You wouldn’t by a kitchen from a company without seeing examples of their previous work and it’s the same with websites. It’s not just examples of websites you should look for though, you should also see if they have examples of graphic design projects they have worked on, social media campaigns they have managed and search engine rankings they have achieved for their clients.

If they are good at what they do they will want you to see these things and display them proudly on their website, if they aren’t then they will tend to shy away from showing you examples. If you have to ask for examples it is a bad sign.

3. What Promises Do They Make?

Being promised a professional job within a certain time frame with the aim of increasing visitors to your site etc. is a good thing but be wary of people promising you the earth. Some SEO agencies can be guilty of promising almost overnight boosts in your rankings but the fact is that SEO just doesn’t work like that. You have to really look at what they are promising you. They may guarantee to get you to number 1 position in Google for a search term that will bring no visitors to your site and so it will be of no value to you.

4. Are They Transparent?

Legitimate digital marketing agencies will be completely transparent in their dealings with you, allowing you to choose which keywords you want them to work on. They will show you the figures for them and give you a realistic timeframe of when they aim to have you ranking well for them. Another area to look out for in SEO is link building. If an agency promises to build X amount of links for you each month and mentions directory submissions then steer clear of them as they are living in the past. SEO has evolved and it is now about making a website’s content as relevant authorities as possible within its industry through creating great content that others will want to link to naturally and encouraging this through creating online relationships. If you find a digital marketing agency that works based on those principals then you will be in good hands.

Last modified: July 22, 2021