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Benefits of Having A Business Blog

A business blog can be very beneficial, but only if you take enough time to create great content. It is a waste of time and money if you simply have a blog that does not get read by your target audience.

The Benefits of Having a Business Blog Include:

1. Better quality traffic

The traffic to the website will be better if there is good information on the site, which in turn leads to more sales. Quality traffic will always trump over quantity every time.

2. Customers are more loyal

The blog is created by the company and therefore it will have its own unique tone and voice. This means that customers will feel like they are getting a more genuine experience from the business which can lead to increased loyalty in the form of returning customers, testimonials, etc.

3. A better chance at search engine optimization

If you create content on your blog that is related to what your company sells then your blog site has a greater possibility of ranking high in search engines for certain keywords.

4. Blogging can be fun

You should make sure you find enjoyment in blogging because if it seems like work all the time than no one will want to read what you have to say.

5. Blogging can be quick and easy

Just about anyone with a computer can write a blog. There are no rules on how many words you have to post, or how often the posts need to appear. Simply start out slowly and see what works for your business!

6. Makes you look more professional

Having a business blog shows that your company is invested in what it does and wants to grow long term. You will also attract better quality employees because they will see there are career opportunities with your company.

7. Allows for instant feedback

The comment section on the end of an article can be very beneficial for getting customer input and really making sure you are giving them content that they want. If they say one thing, than do the opposite when creating new content. This way you can create better posts every time!

8. Blogging helps people visualize

By using descriptive words and phrases, but not trying to overdo it, you allow the readers to “see” what you are describing. It adds a level of excitement and anticipation to the blog.

8. Blogging allows for easy interaction

Because it is such an interactive form of communication, your audience can comment on what you have written which in turn will allow you to get more feedback about their opinions.

9. Gives back to your community

If you are like most other businesses out there right now, then you want to give back to your local community by donating money or goods and services. A business blog is a great way to announce these donations and get exposure for your company at the same time!

10. Increases traffic

The more links that lead back to your main website from others, the greater amount of quality traffic will be driven through those links. The combination of quality traffic and great content can make a business blog very powerful!

11. Gets your name out there

People will be talking about you just because they read that awesome article on your website. The more exposure you get, the greater the chances for new customers.

12. Business blogging is fun

There are so many ways to get involved with creating content such as pictures, videos, graphics, etc. It makes it easy to express yourself through writing which in turn increases the amount of fun you are having with your company.

13. Improves SEO rankings

Google has made it clear that if a website is actively being updated than it has a much higher chance of ranking well in their search engine algorithms. Once your blog starts to rank well, the rest of your site will start to rank better.

14. Increases employee morale

Everyone likes to feel like they are a part of something special. By giving everyone in your company their own blog and encouraging them to write can increase job satisfaction because it makes employees feel valued by management.

15. Helps improve the image of your company

If you always talk about how much you love every aspect of your business, then your customers will see where most of that positive attitude is coming from – the blog! They really appreciate being able to hear what you have to say about things which can lead to gaining more trust for your brand.

16. Can help build relationships

When people comment on a blog post, those comments can be seen by others. This way if you reply to those comments, then your customers will see that you are willing to work with them and help develop a relationship over time.

17. Helps new employees get acquainted

While in training, or even as part of an orientation process, having a blog where new employees can read about the history of the company is much more efficient than reading through old journals or scrap books.

18. You are never short on content

Everyone has good stories and memories from their business. The trick is just finding the time to write down all of those thoughts and share them with your audience! Documenting things like how you got started in business can help you stay current with all of your products and services.

19. Business blogging is more convenient than ever

Back when old newspapers were the only way to get the news out, it was considered a huge success if you could type fast enough to keep up with all of your readers. Blogging is much faster and more efficient because there are millions of online users at any given time looking for an interesting story.

20. Business blogging will help you develop better writing skills

It’s easy to go from writing short emails or even text messages to a large blog post that can take several hours to create, edit, and publish. The result is much better grammar and spelling which makes the entire experience much more enjoyable as well!

21. Can save your business lots of money

As part of being updated what’s going on within your industry, you can learn about new developments that have already taken place before they even happen which could save a significant amount of money in the long run.

22. Helps get great employees

When people see how passionate you are about what you do, sometimes it makes them curious as to why you love doing it so much. The result is more sales opportunities for better talent to fill your open positions and stay with your company.

23. Can help get to know current customers better

They may not always be willing to share their thoughts on blogs but reading their comments can give an inside look into what they really like or dislike about your business. This way you may find some negative things that could become positive if changed.

24. You can always have great company sales tools

If you ever get lost for words while trying to convince a potential client why they should choose your business over another, having some great blog posts already written up is the perfect resource to reference.

25. There are endless ways of using blogs for marketing

Whether it’s writing articles on other sites or creating infographics with data from your website , there is an opportunity to have your business used in various forms that encourage others to pass along links and share their opinion.

While a business blog cannot do magic overnight, it can be very helpful if the right kind of information is put on a blog that will keep readers coming back for more. A business blog should not just be about promoting products and services, but also about educating people about how to use those products or services properly in their own lives.  

Last modified: July 22, 2021