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How To Build Connections With Targeted Audience

The most important thing about blogging is having an audience you actual connect with. A blog is essentially an online diary, with one major difference: Diaries are for personal purposes, while blogs are for the public.

When it comes to our diaries, we could be devastated if someone ever gets a hold of it and reads our personal thoughts. However, when it comes to our blogs, its can be very depressing when no one wants to read it.

Many bloggers give up on their blogs altogether, as they quickly become saddened by their low readership levels. That’s why its so important that you understand how to build real connections with your readers in order to help your blog succeed. This requires having a valuable relationship with the people that visit your website.

Do you have a real connection with your blog readers?

One of the key factors that distinguishes a successful blog from others is the amount of engagement and interaction that takes place on the website. Your blogging goal should be to help others solve a problem of some sort. No matter how many followers your blog has, you need to ensure that most of them are actually following you and what you have to say.

In other words, its not about the quantity of followers you have, its about the quality of followers. You must be prepared to engage your audience with informative content that is relevant to what theyre seeking.

The Numbers Arent All That Count

Even if your blog has big numbers, you need to ask yourself, “Do I have active connections with my audience?” Are you communicating with readers who leave comments often? Do you go out of your way to provide your audience with content they can truly value? In other words, exactly what do those big numbers prove?

Sticking to your goal of providing your audience with information they can use, helps your brand become authentic within your industry. Youll soon find that your readers simply cant get enough of what you have to share.

This helps to build relationships with people who will come to trust you as an authoritative figure in your market. Soon, your dedicated audience will go out of their way to be of use to you as well. Many will share your content on various social networks, helping it to gain attention and may even help it go viral.

When you do good things to others, they feel indebted to you and go out of their way to look for avenues to be useful to you. They may tweet your posts, like your pages and even comment on them.

Comments Are Key

Building real connections is all about making long-lasting friendships. Your blogs comments section is a great place to begin your recruitment for new friends. How is this done?

  • Make sure that you respond to every comment posted on your blog.
  • Send out personal, private emails to readers who post very positive comments.
  • Thank your commenters for taking part in your conversation and invite them to continue.
  • Visit the blogs of your commenters and join in on conversations relevant to your industry.

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Are you becoming discouraged because youre not getting very many comments, or none at all? Heres some tips for getting more comments on your blog:

  • Make yourself a list of 30 blogs that are related to your industry.
  • Leave comments on relevant posts on those blogs.
  • If you can, address the owners of the blogs by first name when making comments.
  • Be sure that your comments are valuable to other readers, adding value to the conversation.

How does this help your blog get more comments? If your comments are valuable, youll get noticed by the blog owner. Youll also get noticed by their readers as well. Many people will leave comments simply because they like what you have to offer.

Last modified: July 22, 2021