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Why Small Business Owners Should Be Blogging

Home based business-owners should all be head of marketing and branding as well! The internet will work for you when you use it to establish your personal brand, not just the brand of the company that you are associated with

The more powerful social networking tools include video hosting sites, social interaction sites, and blogs. The problem with blogs is that not enough small business owners use their blogs properly to promote their business.

If you want to get the most out of your blog, then you need to understand how it ties into your home based business and represents your company. Your blog can be an extremely powerful marketing tool if you use it properly.

Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert

When people read your company blog, they expect to see insight into your industry, company and products that they cannot find anywhere else. The branding of your blog is also the branding of business persona. When you blog you should be blogging about what makes your business unique and how you can solve their problems as opposed to using another consultant within your direct sales company.

Your business blog should always project the utmost of professionalism. If you blog personally you may want to keep that separate from your businesss blog. You can post articles that explain technology in your industry and give customers insight into the changes that are coming to your industry in the future. If you present valid and insightful information to your visitors every day, then you start to become the reliable source your visitors use to get new information on your industry. By becoming an expert you will exude a level of trust always translates into more customers.

Solutions And Tips

Customers see your product for what it is and rarely think outside the box when it comes to utilizing your product. Your blog is an opportunity for you to increase sales by suggesting alternative uses for your products. It is also your chance to show your customers how creative you and your company can be.

Customer Interaction

The most powerful way that your blog ties into your company is the interaction it affords you with your customers. You should allow and encourage people to leave comments on your blog, but try to discourage anonymous comments. You want to engage people who are genuinely interested in your company and not random Internet trolls who are just trying to upset you.

You can also encourage customers to send you suggestions through email and then answer those questions or acknowledge those suggestions in your blog. Your customers will give you more valuable insight into growing your business than almost anyone else. It is important that you utilize your blog to encourage customer interaction. Your customers will also develop a more emotional involvement with your company which is how a blog increases customer loyalty.

Your Official Business Information

Your blog needs to be a place where your customers, the media and anyone else can get official information on your company. If there are rumors circulating about your company, then address those rumors on your blog. If your company is involved in controversy, then make sure your side is heard by utilizing your blog.

What you can do

A company or home business blog becomes even more powerful when you tie it into your other social networking platforms. Involve every part of your company and every facet of your company’s operations in the blog. Use any event in your company’s history as an opportunity for online marketing.

Last modified: July 21, 2021