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Developing An Actionable Internet Marketing Strategy

When you build a website, particularly for a business, you need to get traffic to that website. This isn’t always easy, but it’s essential and like it or not, small business owners have to be marketers.

How To Drive Tons Of Traffic Through Blog Commenting

What is the single most important thing for your website? Well, it is not link or content. Of course, these two are crucial ingredients to your website’s success but it is the traffic that eventually makes or breaks the future of a website. No matter what you are trying to achieve by using your website,

Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging

Unfortunately, blogger outreach or guest blogging outreach is not the easiest process. It is one that requires a lot of work, planning, and practice—and even when perfected, it will still fail on occasion.

Tips To Format Your WordPress Articles in 6 Easy Steps

There are two ways to write an article; one way is to give it pizzazz, to grab the reader with an eye-catching, even witty headline, and an open format to promote readability. The other way is to format your article into long, single-spaced paragraphs chock full of dull material.

Guest posting Why And How To Do It The Right Way

If you have been involved in internet marketing, you have probably heard about guest posting at least once or twice. Even if you haven’t, you’re in luck right now, as this will be a complete guide to guests posting.

How To Make Sure That Your Guest Post Pitch Does not Get Rejected

Guest blogging in its early days was a beautiful thing. Blog owners would love to have these great people and their great creations featured on their blog to give a pleasant surprise to their readers.

Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing By Using A/B Testing

Conversion optimization is often talked about solely in terms of getting more sales or generating more leads, but there is so much more that you can do with it, because in principal split testing can be used to make any web page better at doing whatever you want that page to do..

Is Content Marketing Invading Traditional Journalism’s Turf

Is content marketing invading traditional journalism’s turf? As content marketing becomes more sophisticated and as it employs more trained journalists - it has raised the hackles of more than a few traditional journalists.

Is Printed Content Dead?

Print is dead. So is the pencil. And the bank branch. And the internal-combustion engine. Except they aren’t. They may have different relevance than they once did. They may not be the only way we get our news or write notes or deposit checks or drive to work. But sometimes they’re the best way.

Is Your Blog As Credible As a Newspaper?

So, you’re a blogger? Big deal, anyone can share their thoughts on the internet in the form of a blog. So why does that make what you’re saying credible?

Keyword Research & Copywriting Work Better Together

I was wondering how many blog posts get written without any consideration for which keyword may drive traffic via natural search. My guess is close to 100%, amazing as it sounds.

Landing Page Design Principals

Designing a landing page requires a lot of different thought processes and there is no single way to approach it. The different between a good landing page and a bad one can be a marketing campaign being profitable or not.

The Life Cycle of An SEO Strategy

In some ways, SEO is pretty complicated these days, between social media, brand building, link building and of course the all-important on-page stuff.

15 Link Bait Strategies

What’s the hardest aspect of SEO? For most people it’s building links. Or more to the point – earning them. Because hopefully you are well aware by this point that any sort of scaled link building is a no-no from an SEO point of view.

How Listening to Music Can Improve Your Content Writing

When you are tap-tapping out a batch of articles for a client, what sounds are making their way into your ears? Do you hear nothing but the quiet hum of your laptop and the birds singing outside? Or are you bouncing your head to an angry rap tune?

Meeting the Demand for Custom Content

New survey suggest that companies are struggling to produce the content they know they need. Consider the following findings of three recent studies:

No-nonsense Guide to Write Good Content

I think we all can agree that content is what keeps a blog alive, at least so I hope. So, well it’s really important that your content is good. But well, we all have different views on what good content is.

Optimizing the Guest Post Experience for your Readers

As has been noted on this blog before, guest posting is a wonderful win-win situation for both your blog and for other bloggers and/or freelance writers who are looking for increased exposure.

Podcasting and SEO

The word ‘podcast’ is derived from the two individual words ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’. Podcasts are generally large (20-80 MB) media files which are mostly in audio formats. Sometimes the podcasts can also be converted to video files.

Power of Guest Blogging

Everyone wants to build massive links to their web site or blog and start ranking at the top of the search engines for high traffic keywords. Unfortunately the task of getting high quality and relevant links is getting more competitive and costly.

Print Media, Custom Content and The Future Ahead of Us

In the new-normal world of custom content, there are burgeoning numbers of channels and choices. But only one way forward. HERE’S WHAT THIS ARTICLE WON’T DO. It won’t smother you with statistics on Facebook users or smartphone sales. We all know the numbers are big.

Keywords Research on Steroids

Unless you have been living under the rock for this whole time, you have most certainly realized the truth that just shoving some keywords in the content of a website is not doing the trick anymore. Yes that ‘golden age’ of web spamming is over.

The Ultimate Ecommerce SEO Checklist (38 Points)

If you have an ecommerce business, this post is for you. You probably already know of course that ecommerce businesses face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing.

Utilizing Guest Bloggers for Your Own Benefits

Blog owners of established site that has a huge number of followers or readers may typically have the necessity to hire some guest bloggers.

Why Being a Ghost Writer Is Awesome And Why it Sucks

A ghost writer is a type of writer who writes articles, books, reports, copy, or other texts which are credited to another person. Usually, the credited author will come up with the idea and create an outline for the ghost-writer so that they can complete the rest of the writing job.

Why Just Producing Great Quality Content Isn’t Enough

Are you still following the dogma laid out by the so-called gurus, the advice that says “build it and they will come”? Or in other words, just create great quality content and people will show up on your virtual doorstep just begging you for more.

Why Long Copy Converts and Ranks Better in Google’s

You have so many posts praising long form content and berating those who are planning to publish short articles that are meant to provide answers to specific search queries of searchers.

Writer’s Block and Writing Routines

There can’t be a writer living who hasn’t heard of writer’s block and who may have sometimes admitted to the experience. I used to subscribe to the notion that there was such a thing as writer’s block but now I’m not so sure of writer’s block.