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Content Marketing Assets That You Have Forgotten

Producing high quality and engaging content on a daily basis is one of the dreaded tasks that most content marketers abhor. The difficulty level becomes extreme when you are into a niche that has little to offer when it comes to offering ingredients for producing a compelling write-up.

Why Research Should Be a Part of Content Marketing

Instead of worrying how others, even your competition, are doing content marketing, you need to focus on your own content strategy. In the end, if you’re going to reap reward, others will follow; they may try and copy yours...

Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is the process to make and publish well-written and helpful information that people would love to share with their friend without being pushed too hard.

Great Content Or SEO - Which One is More Important

Content is King – the title of an article Bill Gates wrote in 1996 – is an expression used to mean that without original and desirable content any web venture is likely to fail. “The best SEO is great content” is another popular expression used to mean that websites...

Content Writing After Hummingbird Update

Writing content that Google will love has become a lot harder because of the slew of updates it has made in the last few years. So, those tiny little and dark secrets of writing that previously had helped you attain better visibility in Google and in other search engines do not work any more.

Content Writing Tips to Drive Tons of Visitors

A website needs more than some basic search engine optimization to compete today. It needs a detailed content strategy that ensures it gives the target audience of potential customers exactly what they need and want so they keep coming back...

3 Tips to Create Branded Content

Even if your product or service is not ostensibly the most exciting in the world, with a little imagination, you can still create engaging, sharable content...

The State of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing numbers for this year are in, and the research shows that your biggest audience is online, in more ways than one. There are now three billion internet users, translating into 40% of the entire world’s population.

Why You Should Use (NOT Abuse) Forums to Increase Traffic

Whether you are an internet marketer or just a webmaster, it is a great idea to use forums to promote your website. Forums are powerful in many ways, and usually completely free. Think about it – a forum allows you to have links to your site in hundreds of posts...

How to write an extraordinary blog post?

Blogging has been witnessing a dramatic metamorphosis. Earlier, it was restricted mainly to passion. Now, it is catching attention of people not just due to offering them an expressive platform, but also due to offering them an opportunity to gain popularity & earn money.

Google Update and the Future of SEO

I cannot help but noticing the nervous expression of people who happen to be in the online marketing whenever a new update from Google starts doing the round and if it is about some algo overhaul, I could feel the trepidations and fast heart beatings of my fellow colleagues.

How to Become A Professional Content Writer?

Just because you have done a major in English does not necessarily make you qualify for the position for a web content writer. Of course, you need to possess certain traits like – Creative, out of the box thinker and the ability to work under pressure.

Importance of Query Deserves Freshness in SEO

If an SEO “professional” ever tries to confuse you by using TLA’s (three letter abbreviations), he may well try “QDF”. Desperately hoping that you will ask “What’s QDF?” he will snort: “Query Deserves Freshness”.

Making Your Content More Powerful With SEO Tricks & Tools

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, just in case you missed it. I shouldn’t repeat myself, but in this case, I really feel like I need to. The best SEO is great content.

What Business Must Learn From Social Media Fails

Listed below are five humorous and embarrassing social media mistakes made by companies so large you’d think they would know better. Luckily, small business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn from these and other social media fails so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Structuring a Blog For Maximum Interlinking

When you’re a brand new blogger, you have lots of challenges to overcome. Getting things up and running. Getting your first posts published. Getting your first comments. Connecting with people for the first time.

Marketing Strategy for YouTube

Marketing your business or brand is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and improve your credibility among customers. With YouTube, which is ultimately the king of video sharing websites, you can take your business to the next level..

21 Visual Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing definitely changed the game plan as it becomes a great factor in determining a company's authority in their field. Nowadays, visual advertisements aren't enough; branding has definitely taken a turn due to the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Writing Content for Your Website that Sells

This article talks about how important it is to write great content for your website. Secondly, it will guide you how to attract visitors to your website, and convince them to buy your product or service online. Some of the most important elements of writing web content are explained here in detail.

What To Do After Launching A Website

Most of us invest heavily to have a stunning website to represent our brand on the web. This is a good strategy because without having a solid online presence most of the businesses will fail to convince and convert potential customers.

Why Good Content Writers Strive for a Living

So you believe yourself as a gifted writer with some great articles in you kitty to prove your merit. Sounds good, but talent is not the only determining factor when it comes to proving your worth as a writer otherwise, we might have few more Shakespeares.