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4 Areas for Focusing your Freelance Writing Time

Writing is one of those tasks that we constantly are trying to complete. However, the multitude of sources and items published every day distract us from our work. If you ask most writers what they struggle with, most of them will say that they wish they were more focused during their writing...

Writing Well to Sell Yourself

A well-crafted business story connects prospects to your business on a deeper level than traditional benefit-orientated marketing. Why? We are wired to enjoy and pay attention to stories. More importantly for your business, we become personally invested in engaging stories and their outcomes

Seven Tips for Submission Success

Most newcomers to writing begin to learn their craft through the discipline of short fiction. Be it flash fiction or longer ’short stories’, it’s a good way to learn aspects of dialogue, characterization and structure.

Write First, Publish Later

You have an author’s page. You regularly update your blog, and you have a list of agents you’d like to represent you. You’ve studied demographics and tailored your story to reflect the readership you hope to gain.

Copywriting – A One-Way Street With Words?

Copywriting is often seen as a one-way street with words. Does this mean that copywriting is an easy and straight forward process? – Never.

How to choose the right Content Writer

As you know, in a competitive market you will come across many different offerings for the products or services you require for your needs, and to help you step closer to your current business goals. How do you choose the right content writer for you?

7 Tips for Landing Corporate Writing Jobs

Large corporations are always in need of organized and skilled content writers for help writing or editing projects. Corporations – with their numerous departments and organizations – produce almost every type of written material.

Writing Unique Meta Data For Php Sites

So, you have planned o launch a website and it will probably have thousands of pages. That sounds great so, hopefully you are going to develop the website in PHP right? Because if you have decided to develop the website in plain HTML...

The Epic SEO Guide for The Absolute Beginners

You could have been a doctor. A dentist. Mom told you to be a lawyer. Hell, you wouldn't have racked up those student loans in order to be a garbage man (woops -sanitation engineer). But no, you decided that you wanted to be a designer or a content marketer to be precise.

Killer Content Marketing Strategy – Without Content

Content marketing strategy plays a crucial role in driving traffic and engaging the customers in the long run and they can really make you look different from your competitors in the market. There are already plenty of people talking about the content marketing strategy and trust us

Google Analytics implementation

In this post, I am going back to the basic – how to implement Google Analytics. “Just open an GA account, paste the tracking snippet on the site and it’s done, isn’t it?” I hear you’re asking. My answer is yes and no – GA is so simple to implement, but to really drive useful insights that fits your needs, there’re things that we need to consider even before we register for a GA account.

Improve Conversion Rates by Trust Building

It is a great endeavor to run a website: you have to think about the updates, design, conversion rates, marketing, and blog management. You might have even placed everything perfectly but the conversion rates are still not as satisfying as you expect them to be. You try and try but the rates still do not move or move only for a little bit.

How To Frame Persuasive Call To Action Texts For Your Websites

Call to action contents can be challenging to frame and may often look a bit misleading if not placed or created properly. There’s always a dilemma running into the mind whether you call it ‘read more’ or mention ‘product information’ on your product pages.

Making Content Optimized for Mobile Devices

Everyone is going mobile and it seems like there is an app for basically everything. How can you compete in the business world when consumer can have everything they need from an app on their phone? You make sure your content is appealing to mobile users by optimizing your content.

Digital Advertising and Web Copy Writing

Some months ago I was discussing the demise of long copy advertisements on a train journey with my dear friend: I asked him if thought the amount of time we spend online had shortened our attention spans and if this had led to the demise of long copy ads?

The Superiority of Independent Branded Content

Independent Branded Content is to content marketing what organic food is to your body. Delicious, healthy, non-fattening, energetic, easily digested and highly efficient. Unlike its health food counterpart though, it is less expensive than the ad agency brand-processed version.

Eye Tracking and The Impact

There is much interest in rumors that Apple has licensed a Tobii Technology eyetracking platform to be used in a tablet, confidentiality agreements mean that I can’t comment on that. But I do know Apple users will not be getting eye tracking as an input device anytime soon

Why Content Marketing Is Here To Stay?

Saying that “content marketing” is the new buzzword in marketing is not news anymore. Every magazine, news source and trade conference will remind you that “content is (the new) king”. What is less clear though is why?

SEO Copywriters Can Give Your Website the Kiss of Life

It’s never too late to transform your website and power up your earning potential. The Internet offers some amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can set up your very own business from the comfort of your own home without the need for an expensive start up budget.

SocialThe Value of LinkedIn Endorsements

Eating, Pies, Cookies, Pasta, Carbohydrates, Weight Gain. Sound like keywords from a diet book? Nope. These are just a few of the ridiculous, suggested skills that you can endorse people for on LinkedIn. If you list a culinary job (or have added ‘cooking’ as a skill) LinkedIn will campaign

Social Media Monitoring Tools That Analyze, Monitor & Respond

In today’s connected world, social media is a powerful platform to share information on a near real-time basis, or create a buzz about a new product/service launched. In order to listen to what your customers, competitors and critics are saying about your brand and build a community around it.

Optimal Word count for Web Page

There are many different questions asked by the SEO community and one is how long the content pages should be. This is an open ended question that can be answered in many different ways. However, there are three main ways you can decide how long your content pages should be.

12 Proven Rules to Create Great Content

If your content does not capture your reader’s attention, nothing else matters. So how do you create content that grabs your reader each time? It is tough and you are aware of this. Creating compelling content is not easy otherwise the web would have been a great place.

The Law of Content Centric Web Design

Countless free and premium themes for every CMS have made life easy for content writers. Charming color schemes, quirky layouts and astonishing animations team up to hook the readers.

Measuring The ROI of Content Writing

Are you even aware of the fact that an average buyer reads as many as 10 articles before making a buying decision? Most probably, you are not and don’t make a poker face for that because majority of marketers are also not aware of this fact.

Long Article or Short Article: Which One is better for You

People keep telling you that long form articles are the best as they get favored by search engines. But just because people are telling you that you need to write long articles that don’t mean that it should be adding flops...

Why Content is Still The King

Thanks to the unprecident development in the field of technology, business owners can now easily get connected to their targeted audience easily and effortlessly.

Why Content is Not The King Anymore

Some years ago, just creating content was enough. You were indexed well pretty fast and you had a good chance of reaching success. However, things have changed a whole lot. Millions of people create new content everyday.

Secrets to Writing Captivating Content

It’s no secret that content is king. If 3Leaps was stripped of its users and its fancy design, there would be nothing but content. Writing content for your own website shouldn’t be too difficult.

Planning a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Content marketing strategy - Many small business owners quickly grow tired of the expenses involved with their available marketing channels. Advertising, telemarketing, and pay-per-click campaigns can quickly exhaust budgets and deliver disappointing results.

Capturing Influencers to Boost Your Content Marketing Initiatives

Content marketing and influencer marketing go hand in hand. Each possesses its own unique individuality and importance but when combined, they produce brilliant outcome.

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