Why Just Producing Great Quality Content Isn’t Enough

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Are you still following the dogma laid out by the so-called gurus, the advice that says “build it and they will come”? Or in other words, just create great quality content and people will show up on your virtual doorstep just begging you for more. It’s been held on for years, and a lot of people still cling to the idea..

It doesn’t work that way, not anymore.

Problem these days is that there’s just a lot of competition out there, making it harder and harder for you to pick up some good rankings in the search engines. That is, unless you know how to do SEO for your blog, which I personally don’t (and not really have the intention of getting into).

And even then, learning how to rank your blog higher for your keywords and then actually achieving that, is still not an easy task. Bottom line is that just by creating content, you won’t be getting heaps of visitors, not anytime soon at least.

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Write Great Content And Promote it

Firstly, do blog often as this is the first step towards making money blogging. You still need to have fresh and awesome content to keep your visitors entertained. There is a simple equation for this, which doesn’t even require any much (thank god), which is:

No Great Content = No Reason to Visit your Blog

Yet, these days this is simply a requirement, not the entire formula. And there is still an important step missing. Without this step, your content is dead in the waters, hoping to catch a wave that will take it somewhere.

The second step, the step that comes before “get money” is to tell others about your content, a.k.a. promotion.

It’s time to get some eyeballs on your content, which can be quite a hassle if you don’t have an existing audience already, which I’ll assume when writing this article. So where do you go?

Actually, the question isn’t really where you should go in order to get people to see your newly created content. Instead ask yourself: Where has my target audience already gone, and where are they hanging out right now? If you know the answer to that question, you’ve got the ammunition to go out and promote.

Spend More time Promoting Content

Here are some ideas to get you started with promoting your content. This is not necessarily the best way to promote your content, as I have no way of telling what niche you’re in and things like that. They are however things that I have done and that I have gotten visitors to my blog posts with.

Share on Social Media

Something that I always do, is to first share my content to my own social media profiles. I recommend doing this, even if your profiles don’t have a lot of fans or followers yet. Then after that I post my content into social media groups to get it seen by more people.

Add Your Blog's Link in Forum Signature

Then I might go to forums or other blogs that are related to the topic. Share thoughtful insights, answer questions, etc. I NEVER spam, period! In my signature, that’s where I leave a link to my website. With these suggestions you should have a list of more than enough places to promote your blog post and get it out.


One note of caution here, doing this will most likely not generate your hundreds of visitors overnight and building a decent audience for your blog takes time! Remember you are in here for the long run, not to get rich overnight!