5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

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A blog isnt going to do much good if it just exists without anyone ever reading it. You may have the best looking and well put together blog ever created but you still have to do a little work to get traffic. Traffic has a way of snowballing once you get it started so put the work in now and then it will only take occasional efforts to keep the traffic coming. There are 5 tactics to increase blog traffic;

increase blog traffic


If you dont already have an account you should get one. Once you start using twitter, dont jump right in with the read my blog tweets. Retweet other people and seek out people who may be interested in your blog. Post other websites that offer good information. Then, after you have been on twitter for a while, direct people to your blog. Interaction between the advertisements is critical for survival on twitter but it can bring you tons of traffic.


Join some forums related to your blog. Do nothing at first (except add a link to your blog on your forum signature, but occasionally join in some threads and topics. Again, once you have made your presence known, slip a link to your blog in one of the posts you make. Add the post casually such as and here is a blog where you might find more information..Once they get to know your name and become interested in your niche, they will be more apt to follow a link you put up.

Set up feeds

Set up RSS feeds and put them on your website and any free webpages you may have. This gets the spiders crawling through your site. Try and see if others you know will put your RSS feed onto their websites, even if they are personal websites or blogs.

Email and business cards

Put a link to your blog under your signature on outgoing Email. You can usually automatically set a signature through your email program. Just be sure to include your blog link. For instance, you can put something like:

  • Justin Davis
  • Name of your blog
  • Blog URL

Business cards should have your blog URL on them as well. Put it somewhere that it will be seen. If you have a website and a blog, list both and give yourself title of owner. Your blog URL should be standard contact information.

Article submission

Whatever your niche is, there are people looking for information on it. Create some 300-500 words articles about anything concerning your blog topic or niche and in the bio box or part of the article, put the link to your blog. There are many different article submission sites so you will have a chance to get your name and blog name recognized and branded. Make the articles interesting and readable. You can do this yourself or hire someone else to do it.

These are only 5 ways to get traffic to your blog, but there are more. It takes time to build up a steady stream of visitors but it will happen. It also takes time to get your name and niche out there together to the public. Dont make the mistake of pushing yourself or your blog on an unsuspecting public.

Especially when concerning social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you want to get the feel of the place before you start spamming your blog URL to anyone who will look. Where there are 5 ways to drive traffic to your blog, there are 50. Using the above methods will often open other doors for you to promote your blog but it does take some time. You want to be assertive about giving out the information but if you appear too pushy then people will never click on the link you provide. Be known for your niche or brand and people will be more likely to want to read what you have to say about a topic.

Without traffic your blog just will not succeed. Whether your blog stands on its own or is a stop gap to your website, you still need to find creative ways to get people there.