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Are Your Press Releases Full of Lies?

When you want to let the world know about your company you think of a press release. The modern world with its fancy Dan internet sites lets you do this easier than ever before but will yours be full of lies?

Getting the balance right with press release writing isn’t easy. You will want to excite people and get them to consider your products or service but you don’t want to tell porkies. So how can you write some good copy without your nose growing?

So, you own a site which sells shoes and you want to tell the world how low your prices are. The simple thing seems to be look up some other ways of saying “cheap” on your thesaurus (inexpensive, discounted, going for a song etc). Right, now the hard part is to write something long enough without saying the same thing over and over again (our discounted shoes offer low cost and high-quality inexpensive footwear etc) or resorting to making up claims to be the cheapest around. A better idea is to find an angle to use. Has some research been done on how much people pay for their shoes on average or can you find details of the damage caused by not changing your footwear when you should? If you can find the angle then the press release will almost write itself.

Work Out Your Selling Point

Do you have a unique selling point? Just saying that you are cheap isn’t going to turn many heads so you should find something else. A lot of internet users are still wary of buying shoes online so maybe your customer service and returns policy makes you stand out. If this is the case then that is the aspect you will most want to push in your press release writing. Again, there is no need to tell lies here, and you will only get found out anyway. A better idea is to write the truth even if it is something modest which sets you apart from the rest.

Make It Newsworthy

An important point which is often overlooked is that a press release should contain something newsworthy in it. If your firm has got some news to give out then this is the perfect chance to do it and give your piece a reason for existing. However, even if you don’t have any news of your own you should still be able to find something online which you can use. For example, has anyone done any surveys lately on the number of pairs of shoes we buy each year or on the percentage of UK consumers who now buy their footwear online? If you can get hold of a good story then it will be a lot easier to write a press release which grabs people’s attention and which is actually fit for purpose as a news release. Made up news stories about a world shortage of new footwear or revolutionary new shoes made of seaweed aren’t going to impress anyone.

Get the Approach Right

In most cases you will probably want a professional, well put together press release but there are some cases in which you might feel comfortable putting in a more light-hearted approach. News sites which publish this kind of company release have standards which they expect to see maintained but if you are in an entertaining line of business, such as the rental of party costumes or clown hire, then there should be no problem with your news article showing the fun side of your business. If you tell the truth and make it interesting and newsworthy then you are well on the way to producing a successful press release.

Press releases need to follow a set format but there are still plenty of ways to make them come alive and make them interesting.

Last modified: July 21, 2021