How to Use Instagram for Content Marketing

What are you trying to state with your overall content marketing strategy? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you can bet that no one else will either. No matter what your message is, you have to use Instagram to reinforce that message and there are more than just one way to help you do that.

1. Post the best pictures you can

If your picture doesn’t look good, you can try to improve it using some of Instagram’s filters. If it still doesn’t look good, go to the next one. Learn what other people find attractive on Instagram and try to implement that in your strategy.

2. Write captions

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but a good caption can only enhance your communication and make other users interact with you. Use captions to explain to others what’s your photo all about. This way you’ll be giving them information about your business and your products, but in a smart way.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are very important if you want new people to find about you. Make sure only to hashtags that are really related to your business and your products or services. Try to avoid popular hashtags just because they’re popular, because that’ll make you a spammer, and people really don’t like spammers.

4. Post often

You don’t have to post all the time and you don’t have to post more pictures at once, because that’ll make you a spammer (again). Have in mind that regular posting is important if you want to get more attention and if you want to attract more and more people to your profile.

5. Follow others

Never forget that you’re not the only one who wants attention and promotion. Don’t be selfish, cause you want to make sure that people see that really want to interact with them, not just take their money.

6. Like photos of others and leave nice and friendly comments

This is also one of the ways to show people that you are not being selfish and that you’re different. Make sure you don’t promote yourself while commenting on other users’ photos, because that could lead to negative marketing, and you have to avoid that at any cost. Also, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone’s photo, don’t say it all.

7. Respond to questions and comments

If other users say something nice about your photos, make sure you say thanks to them and don’t forget to tag them in your comment. Also, if someone asks you a question, take the time to answer them and don’t forget to be polite, friendly and professional (even if the question is inappropriate or rude), and don’t forget to tag them in your answer comments.

So, at the end, what is Instagram all about?

Well, Instagram is a social network like any other else, and it is all about interaction and engagement. Use Instagram to reinforce your message and make sure to build relationships with your followers (maybe existing, maybe future customers) while you’re at it. The more better your Instagram network is, the more opportunities you have to promote your business, brand, products and services.