8 Tips to Make Your Customers Think You Are Awesome

So, you want to prove your worth before your customers and you can go to any length to do that right? Well, there are certain rules that you can follow to impress your customers and that too without spending a ton of money on advertising or any other similar marketing tactics.

customers think you are awesome

Tip 1 - Give Your Customers the Recognition They Deserve.

If you learn that one of your customers has been recognized for an accomplishment or significant community contribution, call them or send a note to congratulate them. Your acknowledgment of their achievement will be appreciated and they will remember your kindness.

Tip 2 – Customers are The Heartbeat of Your Business

They like to feel important. Take time out of your busy day to make sure you tell them. Contact them in person, on the phone, by e-mail or by letter with a reason for touching base. Do not make the mistake of calling just to say “Hi.” Provide them with information, a suggestion or offer that is of value to them.

Set a target for yourself to make contact with at least five customers from your database every week. They can be new or existing customers, large businesses or small and be located around the corner or across the globe.

If you neglect your customers, you will be neglecting your business.

Tip 3 - Support Each Other

Get to know more about each customer's business. You may find a product or service they offer that can benefit you and your business. Purchase products and services from them whenever possible. The camaraderie you establish will strengthen your business relationship and make it difficult for your competitors to take the customer’s account from you.

Tip 4 – Exchange Ideas

You might be surprised to discover how knowledgeable some customers are about topics of interest to you. When considering changes for your business or maybe just an idea you have about marketing a new product or service, consult with a few business savvy customers first. Their feedback may be just what you need to help reach an important business decision. Just be prepared to help them if they call you for help and advice in the future.

Tip 5 - Offer Free Information

Internet offers a wealth of customer contact opportunities. By using e-mail, you can send information, helpful news and tips they will find useful in support of their business. For a more personal touch, you may decide to mail monthly newsletters addressed to each customer personally. Just remember to include something of value and interest to them other than your products and services.

Tip 6 - Share An Opportunity

Invite a few of your customers to join you when attending a special event or conference that might be of interest to them. It creates goodwill and gives both of you the chance to learn more about each other’s business.

Tip 7 - Schedule Business Functions

Sponsoring a function either at your business or a nominated venue provides an ideal forum to meet face- to-face with your customers. It is the perfect opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and meet new prospective customers. Ask them to invite some of their partners and associates to attend the event. Invite a speaker with industry knowledge to offer valuable ideas that can help your customer’s business.

Tip 8 - Share Information

Occasionally, you may read something of interest about a certain topic, bringing to mind a customer that would be equally interested. It is the perfect opportunity to share the information with them as a gesture of appreciation for being one of your customers. They will be pleased that you thought about them and are willing to share the information. It also keeps your business ‘top of mind’ when they are ready to purchase products and services you can supply.