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Tips to Make Your Customers Think You Are Awesome

Customers Think You Are Awesome

You’ve been in customer service for a while and it’s time to take your skills to the next level. Let me help you figure out how! This blog post will cover some of the best ways to make your customers think that you are awesome, which will result in more sales and happier customers. It all starts with making sure they know who you are!

Getting customers to know your name

Your customers need to feel like they can get one on one attention from you. This means that you should take the time to introduce yourself and remember their names! Don’t be afraid to call customers by name, even if it’s a little goofy. Try saying something like “Hey Bob! How’s your day going?” or “Hi Pam, how are things today?”. People love having their names called out so don’t be afraid to do this every now and then.

Create an awesome company profile page

If customers want more information about your business, they may visit your website to find it. Make sure that when customers visit your site they can easily find what they are looking for! Include a description (no longer than 3 short paragraphs), what customers can expect from working with you, and any further contact information. Make sure that customers visiting your website know how to reach out to you when they need assistance!

Serving customers ASAP

Everyone wants fast service these days. Customers want their needs met as soon as possible, so make sure to provide this for them! Your customers will be able to tell if you are rushing through the service whether it’s tidying up after a repair or resetting an appointment time. If customers feel rushed, they won’t want to come back for more help. Take the time to ensure that each customer is treated as special and unique; this will show customers how much you care about them.

Cleanliness in your workspace

Your customers will be able to notice if your workspace is clean or messy, so make sure to keep everything in order! If customers walking into your business are greeted by a messy workspace, they might think that you don’t care about the job. Customers want their repairs and services done quickly so make sure to clear off any clutter on your desk when customers walk in.

Show customers what you do best

If customers know what kind of service you provide, they will feel like you trust them with important information about how you do your work! Include this on all of your marketing material and have it visible for customers who come in for help. By letting customers know right away why they should choose you over another competitor, customers will get a sense that you are trustworthy and have your customers best interest in mind.

Turn customers into customers for life!

Create an incentive based program for customers to come back again and again! This can be as simple as giving customers a punch card or postcard with their name on it that they can collect points towards a free service. Customers will feel special knowing that you appreciate them coming in to see you, which will encourage them to keep coming back for more work and help out when they need repairs done around the house. They won’t want to miss out on those great discounts you give them from time to time!

Explain why customers should choose your product/service over another

Customers want to know why they should choose one company over another. Make sure customers know what you have to offer by including a quick comparison between your service and others that are alternatives. This will help customers with any questions they may have about why they should choose you over the competition, and it will build trust in customers knowing that you put their needs first!

Involving customers in making decisions

When customers come into your business, be sure to ask for their input when trying to make decisions on how they would like something done. Customers love feeling listened to because it shows them that you care about what they want instead of trying to just get the job done as quickly as possible. Allow customers to feel like they can take part in making choices about their own service or product; this helps customers know that you have their best interest in mind when making suggestions.

Being honest with customers

Customers want to know that they can trust the company that they are doing business with, and customers will feel like you are trustworthy if you are straightforward with them about any problems or concerns that arise while they’re working with you. Honesty goes a long way towards showing customers that you will do right by them whenever possible! Your customers will also appreciate knowing upfront what exactly is going on rather than hearing about any complications after the fact! If customers need more information about why things were done a certain way, be sure to discuss it openly so customers understand why something was done in a particular fashion.

Keeping customers informed during service recovery

When something comes up during customers service recovery stages, customers will appreciate knowing what is going on and if there are any extra charges involved! If customers know exactly what is going in from the very beginning, they won’t be surprised when being presented with new information or had unexpected costs added onto their original quote.

Coming to customers homes for a free consultation

If you have customers who are looking at different companies and products to decide on which one is right for them, it’s super helpful for customers to have a personal consultation with you so they can get an idea of how your company works and if you would be the best supplier for them! This allows customers to make an informed choice about the product/service that they want instead of deciding by price.

Being easy to contact

If customers want to contact you about something, having a simple and clear way for customers to reach you is important! Customers don’t like calling in the middle of the day or leaving messages that may not be returned until later. If customers know what time is best to reach you, they will wait until then call when they have a question; no customers want to talk with an answering service or have their message slip through the cracks!

Listening to customers requests/suggestions

When customers leave feedback for your company after receiving great customer service, be sure to listen! Take note of any suggestions customers make and try them out if possible. It will show customers that you value their ideas and are looking into how to improve customers service.

Keeping customers updated during the sales process

When customers are searching for a new product or service, they want to know what is going on and where things are in the sales process because customers get nervous when they aren’t sure how close they really are to actually making a purchase. If customers know that your company is looking out for them and keeping them up-to-date with any delays, customers will feel much more comfortable about committing to your services/product!  If customers don’t hear from you at all within a few weeks of first contact, this can also be  very uncomfortable and off-putting. If customers feel like you’ve disappeared off the face of the earth or just blown them off after trying to get in touch, customers may just go with another company that seems more interested.

Delivering customers’ service paperwork on time

If customers are having their property inspected for repairs or if they need to fill out any paperwork regarding your work, customers will appreciate it if you deliver customers’ services paper work on time and give customers brief instructions about what needs to be done/completed.

Last modified: August 22, 2021