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5 Essential Blog Article Writing Tips

When you’re writing content for an audience, you want that content to grab their attention, make them sit up and take notice, and hopefully share the content with their friends. There is no better marketing tool than word of mouth and it is your responsibility as the content writer to “make it happen” for your audience. In order to have a successful site you need to be able to determine the most important tasks your users come to your site to complete, and you also need to be able to help them complete those tasks as efficiently as possible.

However, for most people, writing is tough – even if you have been doing it for years. So how to you come up with something to write to your readers without spending seemingly endless hours staring at a blank computer screen? How can you write something that really bowls them over and leaves them wanting more? How can you put together content that is going to prompt them to recommend your site content to others?

#1 Know Your Audience

First of all, as with any marketing strategy, you need to know who you’re writing to. Your audience truly defines what valuable content is and isn’t. So, it’s important for you to know who your audience is and what their needs are. One way to determine this is by hosting a forum or a discussion. Keep the lines of communication open with your readers – find out their interests and passions, find out what they want to know. Monitor discussions between readers for clues as to what they’re looking for and what they like to read; and then write about those topics. You are making the content relevant to the reader and you’re basically asking yourself “How can I deliver content that addresses what MY audience wants to know? And how can I make it interesting for them?”

#2 Do Your Homework

Before you write about the topics your readers are looking for, be sure to do your homework and research facts about the topic at hand. You simply cannot put unchecked information out there if you want to remain credible to your readers – because even if you don’t do the research, someone else might – and they will very likely call you out on it if you post incorrect information. Utilize graphs and statistics or anything else that will help your content feel more valid and credible.

#3 Keep Up To Date

Keep your posts fresh and bold. Know what’s going on today in areas of technology, entertainment, and do-it-yourself projects. Keep up on today’s trends – people like to read fresh content. They look to articles and blogs to help them find new ways to perform everyday tasks and current information on the latest and greatest gadgets – they depend on you to deliver what is relevant for today. Don’t waste your time writing about old subjects that no one is really interested in or can look up themselves. Give your readers something new.

#4 Pick Your Writing Style

When you’re writing, make sure you are doing so in a communicative style. You are engaging your reader in a “conversation”, so make it sound like one. Don’t communicate at them; communicate to them and with them. Frame your writing in a story-like format to where it’s so engaging, your reader can’t “put it down”. Start off by giving the audience an inkling of what the article or post might be about. Then continue to peak their interest by providing a bit more information about the main focus of the article. Your article should “climax” as you let the reader know what the main focus of the article is by name. Back up the main focus with your graphs, videos, and other visual content. Finally close out your article in such a way that it perhaps prompts questions for the future, or leaves the audience hanging a bit – like a cliffhanger.

#5 Remember Who You’re Writing For

Above all, when setting out to write content for others, it is imperative that you stay inspired. Step outside the box – step away from what you feel as comfortable and try something new. Expose yourself to new experiences and situations that just might challenge your current way of thinking. You’ll be surprised how new experiences – even uncomfortable ones – can inspire you to write differently and more relevantly to your audience. It is a chance to be real with them and it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t shy away from. It can only help you and your readers better relate to one another.

In Conclusion

By following these steps, you can assure that all of your content will be relevant and effective at grabbing and holding your audience – and even expanding them as time goes on.

Last modified: July 21, 2021