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10 Ways to Be a Better Content Writer

You may think that content writing is an easy job. You write a few words and you’re done, right? The reality is that content writer’s jobs are never “done.” Content writers have to produce engaging blog posts every time, regardless of the topic. If they don’t engage their readers with compelling stories and interesting facts, then they lose out on valuable page views. How do you become a better content writer? Here are 10 ways:

1. Find Good Stories

Stories are the key to content writing. They make it interesting and relatable; instead of reading a list of facts or instructions, readers want to read about experiences that they find relatable. Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t like stories”? If so, then they’re probably not much into reading in general. It’s because stories connect with people on an emotional level; when you hear one story, you can relate it to your own life or world view in some way. Here are four ways to find good stories:

A. Read Great Books

Books are great sources for finding beautiful short stories . Some of the best writers use this medium to write their literature pieces — Ernest Hemingway is a great example. You could find yourself a great book and read through its pages for good stories and tips on writing in general.

B. Observe People

Do you know any interesting people? If so, then sit down with them and listen to their stories . Take notes or have them tell you about some of their most difficult life experiences. Their struggles are the perfect source for compelling content that your readers will love! It’s also an easy way to get to know someone better before doing business with them — if they won’t open up to you, how can you trust them?

C. Read Great Essays

The web is loaded with great essays . Look at John Hopkin’s ” Letter from Birmingham Jail ,” for instance; it’s one of the best essays ever written. It includes great stories that will make people think, but also end up changing their minds (if they were against MLK and segregation). You can find great essays anywhere on the web, including at Goodreads .

D. Read Great Poetry

Poetry is an art genre that uses words to express thoughts and feelings in a way that nothing else can do. Poetry is meant to be read aloud — just because you’re reading it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to analyze it word by word. Just go with it! If you’re looking for ways to improve your writing style, then poetry should definitely be on top of your list. Find some poems online or buy a book of poetry from a bookstore to get started.

2. Take Your Time

There’s something called the Zeigarnik effect , which states that unfinished tasks stay at the front of our minds until they’re eventually completed. If you give someone a task, just like chores and homework assignments, then there’s a good chance that it’ll be hard to finish if they put it off for too long. It makes sense — we all have those tasks we promise ourselves we’ll complete “later,” but instead, we never even do them. This is especially true with writing . If content writers write as quick as possible and don’t take their time revising and editing their work, then they may miss out on mistakes or typos that are easy to fix. It’s important to make sure everything is perfect before you publish it.

3. Keep It Fresh

Do your readers want more of the same? If so, then try adding some fresh content into your writing schedule. You don’t have to talk about something every time, but instead experiment with different styles and topics until you find one that works for you. The more variety you have in your writing, the better off your readers will be! Remember that word “variety?” Oh yeah–it has many meanings , too! Variety is the spice of life, after all!

4. Research Your Topic

What are other people saying about the topic at hand? Are there any other good sources out there for this type of information? Research is one of the most important parts of writing because it proves your credibility, facilitates reader trust, and builds a learning experience. If you can’t prove that you know what you’re talking about, then don’t expect anyone to take you seriously!

5. Get Out in the Real World

Telling someone’s story is a great way to get attention from others. For example, if you’ve ever watched a sad or shocking video on YouTube , then you’ll understand why people love sharing these types of content . Content writers who want to find compelling stories should look around them — they have plenty right in front of their eyes. Did something just happen in front of your house or office? Go for a walk and ask people what they think about it. You might just find a great topic to write about!

6. Make Writing Part of Daily Ritual

Don’t expect yourself to be productive if you don’t make writing part of your daily ritual. To get the most out of your writing sessions, you should treat each one like an appointment on the calendar . It’s the only way to keep things organized — breaking appointments is a habit that people will usually regret later down the line. If you’re waiting for inspiration to strike before getting started with content writing, then it may never happen! Instead, start with small tasks or responsibilities that are easy enough to complete within an allotted amount of time. Once you’ve finished these small “appointments,” then you can continue with your larger tasks or work that takes longer.

7. Improve Your Grammar

Making mistakes is part of being human, but are you making too many? Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about the proper way to use a word or phrase in a sentence. There’s usually an easy solution for grammar issues — find it! Find out what other people are saying online, talk to other content writers , and even join a writing community . Content writers have lots of useful information available at their fingertips. If you’re not sure what words go together properly, then try reading some books on the subject (and no, I’m not talking about spellbooks). These tools will help any writer improve their overall communication skills.

8. Collaborate With Others

Don’t be afraid to talk about the job you’re doing with another content writer . Often times, people will want to help each other out by reviewing drafts or even collaborating on new ideas. Your writing can be better when you show it off for feedback!

9. Try New Tools & Technology

Make sure you have everything you need before starting your project. Make an outline of what is needed and use logic to figure it all out beforehand so there are fewer mistakes down the road. Getting ready will improve your writing experience tenfold because you’ll have a plan before putting fingers to keys (or hands to touchscreens). If you’re working on an actual computer , then maybe purchasing faster parts might help your writing experience. Is your laptop running too slow? If so, then maybe it’s time to buy a new one! Alternatively, you can try Free PC Booster , which is a tool that cleans and repairs Windows computers in only 4 steps: Scan, Repair, Speed Up & Optimize .

10. Work With Creative People

Nobody can be great alone — work with other creatives and learn from them! Learning from others will help you develop better communication skills and that will lead to greater things. You don’t have to work for free or join a content writing agency ; just find ways to connect with people who inspire you and offer constructive criticism when applicable. What do we all hate most in life? That’s right–criticism. Nobody wants to hear that they are doing something wrong, but it’s the best way to learn! It’s up to you whether or not you want to listen…

Last modified: November 23, 2021