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10 Hot Tips Every DIY Copywriter Needs

10 Hot Tips Every DIY Copywriter Needs

If you are a writer who wants to start your own content marketing business, or if you already have one but want to take it to the next level, then this blog post is for you. I’m going to share with you my top tips that every copywriter needs in order to be successful.

Write in short, concise sentences

It doesn’t matter if you are writing an article, a blog post or copy for your website – always keep sentences to a minimum.  I find that more is lost in translation when I use long sentences, and the same goes with content I read online.

Write from personal experience

This one works wonders because people like reading about other people’s experiences. By using this technique you will ensure that customers will trust that what they’re reading has been proven to work (they don’t want to hear anything else.) Try it next time you write something and see how it turns out!

Pick up on keywords

When writing an article or blog post, make sure your keyword is in there somewhere. It doesn’t need to be at the beginning of your sentence, but it does need to be relevant to what you’re talking about.  I actually write an article that is relevant to my keyword and then at the very end I add in a link back to one of my latest blog posts. This way I can promote one of my older articles with new content and drive traffic!

Keep it crisp and clear – don’t make it complicated

The most important part of online marketing is simplicity. Copywriting is no exception. Make sure that whoever you are speaking to will understand exactly what you are saying without having to read it more than once or twice (and if they have too, then they probably aren’t the right audience for your business). When writing copy for other people, try to gauge their reading comprehension and write a piece that will be understood by the majority of them.  This will help you build your business more effectively.

Write what people want to read

Have you ever read something online and thought “why on earth am I reading this?” Yeah, me too. Copywriting is all about making sure that it’s relevant and important to your readers (instead of trying to sell them something they don’t need.)  

Find out what makes your audience tick

Every one of us is different in our own way – we like different things, have different goals for our lives etc. If we tried to market the same product or service at everyone we wouldn’t get anywhere because some people would like it, and some people wouldn’t.  Tailor your writing to suit the person you are writing for, and they will be more likely to trust you with their hard-earned cash.

Write a piece that solves a problem or answers a question

“Content is king.” Copywriters sometimes forget this very important rule when writing articles in order to promote themselves (this is my biggest pet peeve.) The point of all copy should be to show people what they need – not necessarily what they want! So here’s your homework – go out there and solve someone’s problems today (and I mean really solve them!)

Write yourself into a corner – and then write your way out of it

When writing an article (or anything else really) sometimes it can be tempting to talk about whatever you want. That’s fine if you have a lot of experience in that area, but what if you don’t?  One thing I always do when this happens is write myself into a corner and try to get out of it as best as possible (with good results). This forces me to do more research than usual and also helps me come up with new and creative ideas.

Don’t feel bad about writing copy for yourself

As a Copywriter your job is essentially to write – this means that you will have to promote yourself somehow! Copywriters need to get in front of new audiences and find out what’s working best for them.  So don’t be afraid to write articles or blog posts that are obviously promoting who you are, what you do, and where people can find more information about it (if they’re interested.) When I first started using Copyblogger I was hesitant to post any content without an emotion-grabbing “hook.” But after reading up on Copyblogger this week I realized that even Seth Godin writes stuff promoting his business – which isn’t necessarily a very bad thing (he’s still making tons of money isn’t he?)

Remember that Copywriting is a process

Copywriting can be very difficult, but it can also be fun. It takes time to become good at it, but all you need is some persistence and dedication! Copywriting is an art-form unto itself, so make sure you treat it as such no matter the situation – even if it means rubbing your hands together with glee before writing something extremely cheesy.  

Write about things that are relevant to your target audience

Remember what I said earlier about writing copy for people who want or need it? Well then, make sure that you still have to do just that. Write about things that are useful and interesting to the person reading your content – this will get their attention so they can learn more about you later on!  

Write a headline that is catchy and grabs people’s attention

People like to have fun, and Copywriting is all about getting people’s attention.  So make sure that your headlines speak to the target audience – but also give them a problem or frustration they need to solve or something they want (but can’t find).

Write Copy that reflects who you are, not just what you do

If people can’t relate to your Copy then they won’t care and will move on.  So make sure that you let out some of your frustration or excitement as Copywriters – this keeps people reading!  

Keep it simple (and remember the KISS principle!)

This is a good rule for life in general, but it can also apply to Copywriting. Keep your copy short and don’t bore people with too much info; otherwise they’ll quickly click away.  

Don’t be afraid to try something new or “out there” when writing Copy

You might be surprised at how effective getting really creative can be! Do crazy things like talking in the first person or telling people all of the reasons why they should hire you. Copy that’s different can often be more effective than Copy that “sounds” like everyone else’s Copy!

Make sure your Copy has an obvious call-to-action

If you want something from people (websites, phone numbers, money etc.) then make sure it is super obvious how to get it. This can be done very simply by asking for what you want directly in your Copy – don’t leave it open so readers have to figure it out themselves.  

Don’t use big words if simpler ones will do

Readers who aren’t familiar with certain vocabularies won’t appreciate being talked down to and may feel like Copy is “stuffy” or hard to understand.  

Write Copy that will actually get read

I hope this goes without saying, but if Copy isn’t interesting then no one is going to read it – and Copy always needs to be interesting! So make use of lots of subheadings (that are clear and compelling), bulleted lists, graphics etc. If it’s fun reading you’ll keep the reader interested for longer and ultimately drive them back to your website!  

Use Lorem Ipsum filler Copy when you’re having trouble writing Copy

When Copyblogger started they realized that they would have a lot more content than they needed so they used Lorem Ipsum filler Copy instead.  This works really well because Copy that is meaningless but sounds good is still Copy!  You can find a lot of this Copy online for free – just Google it.  

Write Copy that cuts through the noise

These days there are so many things competing for people’s attention, so Copy needs to be really clear and concise if you want to get your message across. Try using lots of short sentences rather than long ones, or only mention “the main points” on an online form. This keeps things simple and easier to read without boring anyone in the process!  

Don’t expect Copywriting to write itself (especially when it doesn’t!)

As much as Copywriters enjoy writing Copy they have lives outside of work too; so don’t expect Copy to “magically” appear if you don’t write it. Copywriting is fun but also hard work so plan ahead and always give yourself plenty of time!  

Learn Copywriting by writing Copy – a lot!

The best Copywriters are Copywriters because they love Copywriting, not that they’re necessarily the most qualified or knew about it for a long time. So keep practicing your Copy again and again (don’t be afraid to fail) until you’re really good at what you do!   ##Never stop learning more about Copywriting

There are tons of free resources out there so make sure that you take advantage of them as much as possible. Learning is never-ending when it comes to Copywriting – even the best Copywriters keep learning and improving!  

Take Copywriting seriously as a business (but remember to have fun)

Copywriting is serious work so the Copywriter working needs to take it seriously. However when Copywriting gets to be too much there are still ways you can have fun – like listening to music, playing with your cat, chatting online or watching TV/movies etc. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Copywriters enjoying themselves in their down time and not taking Copywriting so very seriously all of the time!  

Read other Copywriters Copy (or listen to them talk about Copy)

It’s great for Copywriters if they can find other Copywriters who inspire them and help them grow and learn more about Copywriting. Copywriters tend to learn Copywriting best when they can try Copy out for themselves and Copy from others!

Take Copy very seriously but remember it’s a lot of fun!

Copywriting is a lot of fun because it gives Copywriters the chance to be creative, come up with new ideas, solve problems and interact with really interesting people every single day. That’s not something everyone can do so you should definitely take full advantage of being a Copywriter as much as possible while also remembering that it’s hard work too!  

Last modified: August 22, 2021